How do we know that God will only allow that which he knows you can handle?

It is a statement often made but seldom ever explained which is quite unfair since it is so easy to explain.  May be we do not explain it because we do not know what to say or how to say it?  May be we do not explain because we don’t know ourselves or maybe we don’t explain it because we never really thought about it only repeated it because it sounded good to say?

Maybe it is time we explained why we know that God will only allow that pain and suffering that he already knows you can handle.  We know this frankly because it is the same that he did for his only son Jesus.  Remember back in that book we call a Bible where satan wished to tempt Jesus?  Remember he had to get permission from God before he could.  God granted satan three chances to get Jesus to condemn him and three chances was all he got.  We know that he failed all three times and had to stop there because his power was nowhere near the power of God.  If he loved his son as much as the Bible say he did and he loves us as much as he loved his son as the Bible tells us he does, then why not allow satan to tempt us?  Some may ask why God would gamble with our souls but ask yourself this, if you know the answer to a question before it is asked, where is the gamble?

God is not the one who gambles with our souls we are.  We do it each and every time we know the right thing to do and refuse to do it.  We gamble each and every time we see wrong but refuse to call it out.  We gamble each time we choose to defame his name instead of lift it up.  We are the gamblers of our souls and the pain and suffering that we endure each and every day we survive on this planet and in this universe is the test that satan has been given permission to conduct with us.  Now God already knows we can caste him out and withstand that challenge.  He already knows that with each test we grow stronger and more powerful than satan could ever wish to be.  He is not gambling but we are because we submit instead of evict satan.

This is how we know and this is how we grow and when the true essence of who we are grows larger than this earthly body can contain, we will burst free of sin and live as we were intended to live.  As a true spirit of God with no more pain, suffering and sin.  We shall become that person that God always knew we could be but for those of us who choose, you can always allow temptation to rule you, material things to guide you and in the end satan to take you.


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