Rediscovering Religion

After completing and publishing my newest book titled A Twist of Faith-The Emergence of a New Religious Doctrine, I was asked what my purpose for publishing it was.  My answer to make people think on a deeper level about religion and began to use their own analytical skills to determine how it should work for them.  It wasn’t until last night did it occur to me that the answer should have been more detailed.

I suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD and when it hits, I find myself easily angered by the smallest of things.  Through-out the years, I have learned a great deal about the disorder and have come to be able to control it instead of it controlling me.  What I mean by control is not being able to bring it on and cut it off because no one can control that.  What I do mean is when it strikes, I do not allow it to take complete control of me and do something that I would not do during non-affected times.   In the beginning I used to wake up and not wish to go back to sleep because of the dreams and nightmares, so I would stay awake as long as I could which then would be often another 12 to 14 hours.  I could never find peace because no one knew enough to offer me any suggestions until one day I looked toward my Bible and then it hit.

Many issues explained in the Old Testament of the Bible was expressed in writing by one man, Moses, which may explain why the Pharisees and Sadducees often referred to what many called God’s word as Moses’ Laws.  Remember how the religious leaders used to throw that phrase in Jesus’ face at every opportunity.  Remember how they used this phrase to justify killing him on the cross.  Why would it be Moses’ Laws if it truly was the word of God and if it is more about what Moses thought God wanted instead of what God actually did want, would not following it mean we are indeed following Moses instead of God?  Are you truly willing to risk your soul upon following what is supposedly written by Moses and ignoring what was supposedly said by the best spokesperson for God, his son? Unless memory fails, Jesus is said to have said that “he does not come to replace the laws of Moses but to enhance them.  Now many then and some now believe that Jesus meant all that Moses wrote but I say that Jesus only meant the Ten Commandments because those were the laws given to Moses by God and not the laws of what food to eat, how clean you need to be to eat it and when you should eat.  I don’t think he meant the laws written by Moses at the suggestion of those same religious leaders because they themselves did not know how to find solutions to emerging problems during their time.  They sought to take it to Moses, present the case and even make suggestions before leaving him to define and help them find that solution.  Whatever decision Moses made was then thought to be the law of the land even with kings and emperors about.  This appears to be the same way today with new religious leaders refusing to accept what is written that God’s only son has said and still holding tight to what is believed to be written by Moses.  We still look for that one foremost authority to tell us what God’s desires for us is, how we should act, what we should eat, what we should wear and how we should worship.  We do this even though it is written that Jesus said “it is not what goes into your mouth that makes you unclean, it’s what comes out”.

The purpose for writing my book is simple and plain.  We are all granted those same powers that God granted to Jesus.  We have the power to denounce and exercise evil from our lives and show by example the love, care, compassion and faith that God has in us.  Each of us was given 5 things when our spirits were formed.  The first is mind with the ability to think for ourselves and decent from wrong and right.  The second is conscientious which gives us the ability to know the difference.  The third is heart to feel our sufferings and the sufferings of others.  The fourth is talent to do something about it and the fifth is a soul which houses all these and so many other gifts given to us by God and to be defended and kept safe from evil until that day when he say “good job my child, now it’s time for you to rest”.


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