When anger directed toward you is really not about you

Often time’s things happen in life that forces us to ask the question “What was that about” and when that happens there are but two clear choices.  The first is you deserve the fire for what you did but choose not to remember or it is what is referred to as “displaced anger”.  In order to know which one, take a step back and search your very soul to find out if it was truly something you did.  If it was then simply apologizing will correct the situation but if it wasn’t then take heart in knowing that the anger you just witness is an indication of something much deeper and if that person is truly a friend.  It is a sign that maybe you need to offer your help in solving.

Many times anger directed toward us is really not about us and more about a deeper unsettling of the person expressing that anger.  Suppose you have finally gotten your fill of someone seemingly to be taking advantage of you.  You feel less like telling them where to go and drawing them a map to get there so you aim that frustration toward someone else.  Have you ever were mad at another person but took out your anger on someone completely different because they just happen to be there.  This is often the place a family or friends find themselves in when they are confronted rudely by a member of their family or friend circle.

Sometimes, it is not about a person at all that causes this anger.  Many times it is a flaw within us.  We see another person getting along quite well and jealousy kicks in.  We wish to be getting along just as well but for some reason good fortune doesn’t really seem to come our way.  Now we are angry with that person and others like them because our ship is slow to come in.  Maybe they accomplish something that we dreamed to have accomplished or are doing things we only wish we could do.  This feeling is enough to make us despise those achieving while we are only still believing.

The most important thing we must remember is that the wrong that another do to you is not our revenge to take.  We don’t truly know the cause of the wrong and until we do any vengeance would be greatly ill-advised and wrong on our account.  This means instead of allowing God to exact the vengeance upon them, we bring repercussions upon ourselves by acting without knowing.  

Vengeance is mine sath the Lord so step back and allow God to exact that vengeance because we all know that no one could do it better.  The Bible asks us to forgive but it never asks us to forget.  So remember those who transgressed against you forgive them for that transgression but remember that they commit this act and unless they come to terms with why, it is certainly not your row to hoe, it is all theirs.


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