The Arrest of Two 3rd Grade Girls prove that Terrorism has won

You listen too much to what people say especially when it comes to the mass shooting in California and so many others like that.  The number one question asked is if it was the action of terrorist and the number one lesson we spread is how important it is that we do not let the terrorist win.  But then there comes a story and a few more stories like that one, soon it begins to become clear.  The terrorist have won and those who refuse to believe it are the ones who keep us blind to it.
Consider this story “At school on Oct. 24, 2014, J.A. misheard what a friend told her. "It sounded like you said, 'We're going to play with chemicals,'" she told the friend, and both girls laughed.  Two other girls told a fourth-grade teacher that J.A. and her friend were talking about chemicals. The teacher sent them to report it to a guidance counselor.  The guidance counselor asked J.A. and her friend about it as they stood in line to go home on the bus. The two girls were upset and confused, but the counselor sent all four children on their way.  After the bus left school, one of the other girls then reported to a bus monitor that J.A. and her friend had chemicals in their backpacks. The bus driver stopped the bus and called police.  Officers met the bus, as did two school superintendents. Police took J.A. and her friend off the bus and looked through their backpacks, finding no chemicals. Officers detained the girls and took them to a police station. At some point while the girls were at the station, their parents were called. Police held and questioned the children for several hours before they were released into the parents' custody.

Terrorist has gotten us so tied up in knots, we are allowing even our 3rd graders to be arrested and questioned without parental supervision.  We are relaxing our standards and giving up our rights to the point where it is okay to push the envelope further and further.   Remember the kid who got so much grief when he brought in a homemade clock.  That was okay then probably because the kid wasn’t and didn’t look like ours so it means much.  Now we have 3rd graders being treated like terrorists and I guess this is okay too since they are not our children.


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