When did Christmas stop meaning Christ?

Back in the day, the most celebrated holiday was Christmas but now it seems to have been replaced by others thought up by particular groups.  Christmas could be found in every single home with all proudly displaying bright lights, candles and good cheer.  Not so much today as now we wish to make it seem we must celebrate Kwanzaa and others like it instead.  It’s as if we have to choose between one and the other to prove something to someone much more important to us than we are to ourselves and that is a shame.

Could it be that many who was first taught to believe in God, stopped and therefore felt an urgent need to replace it with something that they could celebrate?  Could it be that commercially we began to sell out our beliefs for what we were being told by a television show or advertisement?  Could it be that we gave up on what I believe the true meaning of Christmas is so that we may fit in with the majority or those we thought was the majority.  Look closely at the word and see if you can follow.  The first part is Christ and the last part is mas.  I think the first part is Jesus Christ and the second part is supposed to mean a Christian festival so as we combine them we come up with Jesus Christ a Christian festival.
On this 25th day in December was supposed to be the day Christ was born and to be made a festival for all who believe to celebrate.  What ever happened to that?  Did we stop believing?  Did we refuse to defend him and follow the crowd?  Did we allow others to dictate how this day would be celebrated or have we simply forgotten all that Jesus has done for us?  Maybe it’s a combination of a few of these and then maybe it’s because of a reason not yet exposed but either way, we can safely assume that it is not what we celebrate now.

Where did we go wrong?  Was it when someone attempted to answer the questions of inquiring children and made up the idea about a jolly old elf with a red suit and white trimmings riding in a buggy pulled by a team of horses?  Was it when that story was revised to give this jolly old elf a sleigh pulled by reindeer that had the ability to fly?  Wherever we went wrong you can tell that part of the myth has remained true.  Wouldn’t you guess, it’s the presents?  Three wise men traveled a great distance to visit the king and they brought with them presents.  We maintain the present part of this but choose to ignore the rest, how proud we must be of ourselves.

We know we are sliding down this slope but it appears that only a few of us wish to stop this ride now and get off.  Take it directly from your children.  Ask them if they know the words to “Ole Little Town of Bethlehem”, “The Little Drummer Boy”, or “Silent Night”.  Now ask them if they know the words to “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” or “Jingle Bells”.   The words of the songs that your child knows best is how they will grow to celebrate this 25th day of December and if it is not about the birth of Christ, then good job parents, you have just taught your child to worship material things.  You must be so proud.


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