Obama takes the power from Fed and gives it back to States, what will the GOP say now?

If you have ever wondered if Fox News was truly “fair and balanced” then this will be the test for you.  If you have ever wondered if MSNBC was biased or if CNN was just following everyone else then pay close attention to this little bit of news.  We learned yesterday about this “no Child Left Behind” bill signed into law by George W. Bush which gave the federal government more control over underachieving schools by taking that power away from the states.  We didn’t hear much fuss about it when it happen, since so many who claim GOP affiliation always seems to claim over reach by the federal government and has co-oped the saying of “smaller government”.  Well since the worst president ever, according to some has now reversed their representative’s action and gave back the power over their schools, what will they say now?

The article is titled “President Obama to sign 'No Child Left Behind' overhaul bill” posted by Joseph Edwards for our local TV station WREX.  It reports that “The Office of the White House says President Obama will sign legislation that overhauls the "No Child Left Behind" education initiative on Dec. 9.  The Senate overwhelmingly passed the bill on Dec. 8, which would give state and local officials greater power in determining how to respond to underachieving schools.  Under the new bill, the initiative would be changed to "The Every Student Succeeds Act."  "No Child Left Behind" was first approved in 2002 during the presidency of George W. Bush. The act was criticized by both Republican and Democratic lawmakers due to the amount of power given to the federal government in controlling state education policy.

Will we hear anything about this on Fox News or any of the other political news shows and if we do will there be a slant to the coverage for or against what this president has done.  Will he get credit for it or will they find another way to keep the public clinging to their side of the conversation.  Each journey begins with the first step so even though there are many more things that the federal government should give back to the states, this one step could be a beginning but then that would be a defeat to those who only want you to believe that only their side is always right.


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