Look no further to see why Unemployment is so high in the Black Community

Many in the African-American community wishes to blame the fact that blacks have such a high unemployment number or they cannot secure a decent job at a decent pay because of closet racism but the truth of the matter is some who are blessed to secure a good job with a living wage presents those hiring managers and those in charge of these businesses the best excuse possible not to hire blacks.  This is all they need to deny blacks any opportunity that their experience, knowledge and skills level demands and it is proof positive that any decision you, as an individual make, will have an effect upon others.

The article is titled “2 Bankers Charged with Creating A.T.M. Cards to Steal From Accounts” written by Stephanie Clifford.  In it reports that “The 15 JPMorgan Chase bank accounts had a few things in common: They had high balances, there was little activity on them and they belonged to elderly clients — indeed, at least eight were dead.  And all 15 of the accounts got regular cash infusions, thanks to direct deposits from the Social Security Administration.  That caught the eye of two private bankers who worked at a Bedford-Stuyvesant branch of JPMorgan Chase, Jonathan Francis and Dion Allison, according to an indictment filed this month in State Supreme Court in Brooklyn. Creating cards for automated teller machines and forged documents, the men and their accomplices withdrew about $400,000 from the accounts over two years, according to the indictment.  In this case, prosecutors for the Brooklyn district attorney’s office charged in an indictment, the bankers could not only gain access to but also issue A.T.M. cards for the 15 accounts, without the account holder’s consent.  Jonathan Francis, Dion Allison and Gregory Desrameaux, three of the men charged in the case. The fourth, Kery Phillips, is still at large. Mr. Allison, 30, and Mr. Francis, 27, created bank cards for several of the dormant accounts. With two friends, Gregory Desrameaux, 24, and Kery Phillips, 40, the men then withdrew most of the stolen money, about $300,000, by using A.T.M.s around New York City, according to the indictment. Some withdrawals were as small as $200; some were up to $2,000, the daily limit for A.T.M. withdrawals for some Chase accounts.  In April 2013 alone, members of the group made withdrawals on 26 of 30 days, according to the indictment. One night at a Chase branch at Nostrand and Church Avenues, they withdrew $1,000 from one account; 49 seconds later, group members took out $1,000 from a different account.  The four men listed in the current indictment have been charged with conspiracy, grand larceny and falsifying business records. Douglas Rankin, the lawyer for Mr. Francis, said that his client denied the allegations, and that he no longer worked at Chase and “left on his own before this became an issue.” David Walensky, the lawyer for Mr. Desrameaux, said his client denied involvement in the scheme.  Mr. Phillips is still at large, according to a news release from the district attorney’s office.

Now the proof that blacks are being discriminated against regarding securing high paying jobs at living wages can be clearly defended by the actions of these four and so many more who finds themselves in respectful positions of power and cannot help but to screw it up but not only for themselves but for any other black that happens to come along after them and apply.  If you ever wondered how anyone could tag an employment application and deny anyone who meets or exceeds the requirements for a job strictly based on nothing more than the color of their skins, think again and ask yourself are they really judging people by the color of their skin or by what someone with the same color skin just done. 

Every decision we make as human beings will affect others in one way or another.  We may never be aware of how our decision impacted the lives of others but it does. This may explain why doing the right thing is so much easier than many think or wish to accept. If those four had done the right thing, then those who decide to hire would be even more inclined to hire more blacks because of the example set by these four but because they did not, then thank them for the next denial by JP Morgan Chase of a more than qualified black applicant who applies for any of these jobs.  Those who deny employment do carry a portion of the blame but not all and we know that this is only an excuse for not hiring blacks but honestly is it a wrong by them for using this excuse or a wrong by us for delivering it upon a silver platter?


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