Evils primary weapon is the hearts of man and the ease by which we can be fooled

Remember the sermons preached by pastors all over this country about the power of satan/evil?  Each one spoke of how powerful evil was and how it compared to the power of God.  It was designed to make you fear evil in hopes that it would drive many away from evil and keep them on the path of goodness.  So much for that thought and yet we still continue to push this long outdated and frankly false lie. 

Evil has no power except for the power we give it and if we give it we can certainly take it back but many of us feel better about ourselves when we are able to allow evil to use us because this takes away our responsibility for the choices and decisions that we make.  At least that is the false lie we keep telling ourselves because we all know that nothing we do here on earth will ever go unnoticed and each and every decision we make will be used against us on judgement day.

Evil resides on the hearts of man and only that particular man or woman can exercise evil from it.  It sits there day after day waiting for its time when it can rise up and take control of our conscientiousness which is made even easier because we can be so easily fooled into believing something else instead of concentrating on the real problem. 

Take for example this article titled “Obama Orders Phrase ‘Under God’ to be Banned on all Government Property”, posted June 10, 2016 on Fresh News.com.  By the article’s titled you would believe that Obama has gone and banned the words under God on all government property but if you take just a few minutes to read the article and keep and open and just mind as you do so.  You will find that this is not the case at all.  It is simply allowing those who choose to recite the pledge of allegiance as they see fit and is no longer bounded to recite it as it was written.  What this means to me is if you wish to recite it as it was written, you are forever free to do so but for those who wish not to then they are also free to do so.   Evil wishes us to think that without the words “under God” we are less than the Christians we claim to be and we fall for this trick each and every time.  Words does not make you more or less a Christian, it is simply your actions that define you as a Christian more than any words.  This is the truth but help me find at least four people who believe it and not wish to believe being a Christian is all in the words.

Ronnie Dunn from the famed singing group Brooks and Dunn posted a response to President Obama’s speech about the Orlando shooting and in it all he captured from it was akin to Obama taking our guns.  Because of his take on this, many others joined him on that bandwagon and anyone who had a difference of opinion was immediately attacked.  That kind of division is exactly what gives evil its power and makes him laugh at how easily he can make fools out of God’s creations.  This take quickly directed the focus from any goodness and made the continuation of hatred the mode of existing.  This does not and never will serve God so the question becomes, whom do we really serve.
The focus should have come upon the actions of those in Orlando and this nation as stated most eloquently by Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer post just a few hours ago.  Mayor Dyer wrote the following; “Yesterday was the most horrific day in the history of the City of Orlando. And yet, I stand here today even more proud of our community because they came together, united to support the families and friends of the victims. We learned of the heroic acts of our Orlando Police Department as well as other law enforcement, as well as our citizens as hundreds of lives were saved throughout the night. And the medical personnel that saved so many lives that were transported to the hospital are heroes. I cannot imagine being one of the parents or being one of the loved ones who learned their loved one was deceased. The FBI did an unbelievable job clearing the scene. By 11 p.m., all victims were removed from the scene by FDLE. I want to compliment the medical examiner and FDLE for the work they did all night long, making identifications of victims and notifying next of kin. Forty-eight of the 49 victims have been identified. Twenty-six next of kin have been notified, with more to come.  We will not be defined by the act of a cowardly hater. We will be defined by how we respond, how we treat each other.  This, ladies and gentlemen is how Christians act and what defines Christianity, not some words.  The actions of recognizing evil but refusing to relinquish your power for him to use to control and ultimately destroy you, because make no mistake, evil has a really good reason for hating all of us, God’s greatest creation because evil sees him as loving us more than him.  Evil knows that his power can never match the power of God unless he gets all of his creations to subject themselves to evil’s will and turn over complete control of all our actions to him.  Evil knows that among the many gifts God granted us, the number one gift was the power over evil but as long as we choose to be fooled and refuse to heed the very same advice we are quick to give others, evil shall reign.

A friend of mine made and excellent point when he suggested this.  “Gun free zones are the reason it can't be prevented. if just one person could have returned fire they might have hit him or at least scared the little pussy...gun free zones are targets...active shooters do not want a fire fight...they want to slaughter as many people as they can before turning their gun on themselves...they are p--es...any opposition would likely foil their plan... "ban guns ban more guns" No ban gun free zones”  Now while I have not made the complete turn towards having guns in all places, his point is very valid.  Ever noticed how brave an idiot with a gun is until they realize that their prey has one as well.  Ever noticed how they stroll up to you all confident and courageous but run like a scalded dog when they see that you are armed and willing to use yours as freely as they are to use theirs.  Why do you think we have people going into places where they know no guns will be?  Why do you think that those who claim to be a “real man” often hides behind some sort of weapon when it comes time to prove it?  They do so because they are no braver than anyone else but with a little bit of help from a weapon and a little bit of urging from evil, wishes to make others think so.

Another friend of mine posted this which says “Guns are not the problem, it is hearts without God, homes without discipline, schools without prayer, courts without justice”  Such a profound posting and the only argument I can muster behind this posting is to replace the schools without prayer with people without real convictions.  My argument centers on the desire to use words as a definition of any person.  Prayers are meant to be done in private and I can see why many of us refuse to keep them there, but to say a few words daily about how we should treat another but fail to do so as the day goes on takes away from the meaning of the words.  A heart without God means that you are not serving God at all but pretending.  A home without discipline means that you are not teaching your children to love and setting the example for them to follow if their actions in public is contrary to what you say is happening in the home.  A court without justice is an affront to the courts set up in the Bible where each person shall be seen as equal regardless of statue, class, color or economic resources and as long as we cannot get equal justice in the only place that was specifically designed to administer such, evil will continue to fool us into believing that we can get our own justice outside of that system.  A people without real conviction mean that as we say we love God and follow the examples of his son Jesus, we do the exact opposite in actions and deeds.  We show hatred toward each other when God and his son showed plenty of examples of love for all.  God hates the sin not the sinner but we hate the sinner and forgive the sin.  It’s okay to kill as long as it is done so in the name of religion but not so much under any other condition.  It’s okay to be greedy, to commit adultery, to lie, to cheat, and to steal as long as when people do these things they do not affect us directly.  We have no real convictions because if we did, we would all gather as they did in Orlando and claim that “We will not be defined by the act of a cowardly hater. We will be defined by how we respond, how we treat each other”.

We will never rid the world of evil because we cannot regulate and legislate behavior.  Each and every time we attempt to do so we fail miserably and it costs us human lives.  We can put a clamp on evil by simply choosing to exercise that demon from within ourselves and showing by our actions just how much power we have over it.  My Bible tells me to respect another’s persons truth, it does not say that I have to agree with it or even like it just respect it and I have found a serenity, a true peace when I do this.  This is the lesson that we need to heed, practice and hone and until we do so evil will continue to own more and more of us.  So why worry about the government taking your guns when you seemed not as concerned about evil taking control of your life.


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