God’s one and only mistake is the same mistake Man continues to make

Many those of the Christian circles and some even with very little belief in God may say that God never makes mistakes and while I used to think that was true; I have discovered that he did.  The only issue with that is God was powerful enough, wise enough and loving enough to correct that mistake.  This is something we have yet to have full faith in saying about man.

In the beginning, God demanded full obedience and was not afraid to wipe the slate clean and start over if those he created forgot to be thankful to him who created them.  We see the evidence in the story of Noah and of course the stories of Sodom and Gomorrah and the Walls of Jericho.  This was also evident by the Commandments Moses envisioned God wanted him to deliver to all his children and thus began the “fire and brimstone” preaching that so many stories have been written about.  It was only after destroying these places and losing so many good souls caught up in the sinfulness others that God realize his mistake.  After dedicating time and planning, he discovered that he could right this wrong done to the souls who were trying to live according to his will but was trapped by those who cared more about themselves than they did about those they shared so much with.  God saw it as unfair that those who try to live according to his will was punished for the wrong that the others did.  He corrected this mistake by sending now his only son with a new agreement/convent that solved this problem.  Now each and every soul will be judged not by others but by their own merit and the punishment received will not reflect on anyone other than those who committed the sin.  This was his one and only mistake and he loved us enough, cared for us enough and was wise enough to realize his mistake and fix it.

You see, the mistake God made was attempting to control the behavior of those he created but he realized that he could not have complete obedience if he also wanted his children to have “free will”.  It had to be one or the other and God, in his infinite wisdom, chose allowing his children free will.  Freedom to think, act and decide for themselves.  He no longer desired to try and control a most uncontrollable thing such as behavior, he decided to bestow upon us the knowledge of right and wrong but let us choose which path our lives will take.  For those who claim to walk in the footsteps of God fail to see this as a warning to all that attempts at controlling the behavior of anyone with the God given freedom of will was a mistake.

The issue that faces us now is man is attempting to do the very same thing.  Recent laws are less about what should keep us safe and more about making others conform to the will of those in power or influencing power.  It is more about getting those who may have a different idea about things to come over to their side of thinking either peacefully or by force.  It’s about trying to prove to something or someone that they are wiser, bigger, better and smarter than their own creator.  This action does not sound like someone in fear of God but sounds more like someone attempting to make God fear them.


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