Gods Secret Weapon- The Mixed Child

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earths as well as man by breathing life into a pile of dust.  He crafted and created us in his own image as a spirit but because he wished us to hold domain over all else that he created, a vessel was necessary to carry this spirit from place to place.  His design was the boiler plate and identical in all aspects for man and woman.  As he sat back pleased with his design and creation, these same men and women began to stop appreciating what he had done for them and began to seek self-gratification.  They moved around this planet and all others from place to place seeking that place where they felt most at home.

This migration to different areas caused our adaptable tissues to conform to that particular region and some developed deeper and more pigmentation within their tissues than others.  Some found food a plenty and ate quite well while others found food hard to come by and ae less.  Each formed into their own little groups for what they deemed as protection and developed their own styles of living as they saw fit.  These became communities and soon after towns, cities, states, nations and countries.  It was then that evil played its ace in the hole and convinced those sought to be the wiser of these groups that their group was much better than all others.  Evil was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to fool them and still today marvels at the ease of which his game is still being played.

To counter this move of evil God instilled in the minds of his creations a kind of love that surpassed race, creed, color or ethnicity.  He instilled within us a kind of love that could only see the good of a person and how that person treated them, us and others that made that love grow and create an indestructible root within our hearts.  His move was never countered by evil because evil is all about immediate gratification so he could never see the true intent of that move.  Still today evil is scratching his head trying to figure out just what that move was all about?  Well today, we reveal what that move was all about and why we think it was God’s most splendid of moves and his secret weapon.

Remember back in the day, there were those claiming to do all that they could to keep their race pure.  Some of these backward thinkers are prominent even now but what seems to be missing from their logic is no race is pure.  Conduct a DNA test on any person alive and you will find a mixture of others.  No race is of one DNA and therefore no race can honestly call itself pure.  Yet even though we know this, we some still clings to this idea of keeping a particular race separated from others.  Since all children are born with nothing but love in their hearts, the reason for them turning out to be as judgmental and prejudice as many has turned out to be is because of the lessons that they learned from their parents, guardians or caretakers.  Yes, they were taught to hate.

Now for black folks this was easy to teach their children because they would always fall back on that old tried and try story of slavery to show how much they are hated and give their children an iron-clad excuse for failure.  Don’t ever take responsibility for the decisions that you make because if it had not been for slavery you would not have had to make that decision.  So our children fall for this lie and become convinced that their failures are not a mistake or miscalculation of theirs but others.  Now for white folks this was slightly harder to conceive a story that would explain why they push hatred upon their children so many came up with generalizations to frighten the children into keeping their race separate.  They would take the actions of one and label the entire community using the actions as the primary reason why their races should never mix.  Some even went as far as to disown their own if this rule was violated.  For other races, they too were presented with a great excuse like Wounded Knee, the Trail of Tears, Internment camps and so many others reasons.  All to push the narrative that we deserve something for just being born who we are.

Evil has us convinced that by sticking by this archaic rule, we deserve more and if we stick with this thinking we will get what we deserve but until then all will never be right with the world and all races must remain separate.  Only the move made by God so very long ago is slowly beginning to come into effect and now the fear of all those still hell-bent on separation of races is coming true.  Evil’s primary move that he saw as out smarting God has done nothing but caused him to outsmart himself.

The joys of having a mixed child are nothing different than the joys of having any child.  The trials and tribulations are the same and the desire of most to raise a productive and happy child stands paramount.  What this secret weapon will reveal over time is the once consistent division between people (race), will soon be negated and as it falls away so will all the other reasons people should not embrace other people and the desire to be separate will soon be replaced by the desire to be among others who share the same love of life as you do.  Race will not be the primary reason you choose an all-black college or gain admission to an all-white fraternity.  A prime example of this is our military which is now inviting women after it conquered the desire of separation of race.

Again for those who still wishes today to keep your race pure, prepare to be very disappointed because again no race is truly pure and blond hair and blue eyes does not make you pure, it just makes you of Aryan or Nordic decent, which surprisingly is a mix of Jewish decent as well.   Because your skin is brown or black does not mean you hail from Africa or your ancestors were slaves, it just means you are of a dominant genetic trait possibly American Indian, northern European and oh yes Swedish too.


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