How labels are destroying this nation with the help of religion

It’s becoming quite clear to me as to why many of us feel that God does not exist and it is not because of what we know is true but what we choose to accept as truth.  We know, within the very being of our soul that God does exist and he exists within each and every one of us.  We know that the true spirit of God is the image in which he created all of us and we know that what is on the outside of anyone is not anything close to the real spirit that dwells inside.  We know that we are much more alike than we care to admit and we know that righteousness is not a rite of passage or heritage but an innate sense that each of us have which compels many to do the right thing even when a force much larger is determine to convince us to do wrong.

We get this sense of belonging and this sense of right or wrong not from God, as religion would love for us to believe but from man.  At no time did God ever divide us into blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians or any other racial group.  At no point did God ever divide us into sinners and non-sinners.  At no point did God ever divide us into Baptist, Catholics, Lutherans and any other religious group and at no time did God ever choose one group over another.  All these things may be attributed to God but they are not of God.  We know this, yet we choose to accept this because it suits our agenda and make an excellent excuse for us not to step up, stand up and speak out against any label that seeks to divide.  We are perfectly content to allow man these separations and then have the audacity to wonder where God has gone.

God has never left anyone of us.  He has always dwell deep within us and every once in a while a stranger will see him in us and come to us for compassion and understanding.  We think it is the way we look or the way we dress, what we drive or where we live that draws people to us but it is not.  It is simply them seeing the presence of God within us and the seeking him that does.  Why do you think that it is written that the kingdom of God does not exist among man-made items but can only exist among God made ones?  Why do you think that it is written that God’s only church resides within each of us and nothing man-made will ever be of God?

Labels wish us to believe that there is a heaven and a hell.  One place where peace is plentiful and there is no more suffering, no more pain and no more sin while the other is a place where your soul will burn for billions of years and you shall endure more pain, torture and suffering than you could possible image.  Labels say this is true and religion backs it up but what if I told you that hell is what we are enduring right now locked away in this flesh preventing our souls from being free.  What if I told you that hell is nothing more than being imprisoned in this human body and choosing to accept happiness based upon what we are told will make us happy instead of what we know will?

Happiness is not derived from doing things others say you should do.  True happiness is derived from doing what you believe in your mind body and soul is the right thing to do.  Joy is not derived from being a part of the crowd but standing alone if necessary to separate yourself from a crowd that is not performing as you think a real God-fearing person should.  Contentment is not derived from demeaning, dismissing or belittling another person as labels and some wish you to believe.  Contentment is derived from challenging those ideas that say you must act a particular way to be a true soldier of God and demonstrating by your actions what it truly means.  Labels say you are to support one particular party, one particular group or one particular set of beliefs and if you listen close enough, religion will be modified to help bolster that stance but we all know that this is nowhere near the truth.  We know that we do not have to support any one particular idea, party, or group.  We know that all we need to do is support those actions that confirm our individual beliefs and allow others to embrace those actions that confirm theirs.  We know this but probably the most knowledgeable of all is to say we are keenly aware just how inept we all are at trying to control another especially since we are such a failure at attempting to control ourselves.  Labels may say what we should do and religion may back up much of it but the final decision is left up to each and every one of us to follow this logic or use the God that dwells within us to seek, find and secure our own paths.


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