The Hidden Truth Behind all Crimes

Greater minds than mine has called themselves studying this dilemma regarding the primary reason or reasons behind why crimes are committed and if you check on their progress you may find a few strange and mysterious reasoning’s to include but no limited to a defective brain, destined by DNA, criminal mothers or fathers or just plain bad people.  Today’s great minds have now concluded that it is more about the over-whelming desire to have the better things in life with money the only real avenue to that dream and some may settle on the over-whelming lead level in the local drinking water causing mental and physical impairments that so far, a pill cannot cure.

All these may make sense to many and seem fine to accept by others but there is another truth behind all crimes which many fear to admit and hide to avoid personal responsibility.  It is said that the primary reason behind crimes is the opportunity to commit it but think about it.  We believed this at one time even though it is not as strongly held a belief as it once was.  We believed this because man invented alarm systems for homes, cars, buildings and even personal alarms.  These devices were designed to prevent the opportunity for a crime to be committed and security became tops on all of our lists.  We do very little in their world without first seeking security.  Truth be told, just how much prevention has these devices obtained?  With so much money and time placed upon building a more secure anything, are we any safer than when people used to leave their front doors unlocked and sometimes wide open?  All that’s really happened is after one has built a better mouse trap, the mouse figures out a way to beat that one so the builder has to now build a better one.  This cycle continues and before long we are so concentrated on building the best mouse trap that we ignore the other mice that get trapped by mistake.

The hidden truth behind crime is based upon an age-old adage that money is the root of all evil.  It’s based on that because many great minds keep running into a very heavy head wind when trying to make it all fall into place.  However, we now know that money is not the root of all evil, it is simply the love of money that is the root of all evil.  If you care not about money except the use of it as a necessary means to a more enjoyable life, then no matter how much you are offered or how easy the opportunity to gain more appears, you still will find it quite easy to dismiss the need to commit a crime for it but the opposite is true if money is all you live, breath and talk about.  One would be quite willing to sell their very souls for money only to see it disappear almost as fast as it appeared leaving those worse off than they were before the offer or opportunity came.

Crimes are committed not because of anything else except the overwhelming desire of the person committing the crime to commit it.  Many of us do not need a reason to kill but our court systems and those around us has us convinced that we must have one so we search for that sometimes elusive excuse to why we committed that crime.  Many of us do not need a reason to steal, cheat or scam except our overwhelming desire to do it.  People bungee jump, parachute from planes, drive fast, climb mountains and take up residents with wild animals not because of money but simply because we have this overwhelming desire to do so.  Now ask us why we do and many of us will have a well-rehearsed reason or excuse but the real true reason is simply because we wanted to.  You cannot be forced to do anything unless deep in you really wanted to.


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