How the misuse of conversation can and often does lead to the demise of nation

If there are still any who wonder why we as human beings do not seem to get along anymore, if ever and we seem to be having more issues finding a solutions to our problems than finding solutions, maybe it is simply the act of how we have been misusing conversations.

We all should be clearly aware that the human being tends to get a little bit more annoyed, frustrated and angry when the point that they are attempting to make seems to be falling upon deaf ears or those whom you are talking to seem to have much better things to do than to listen to your reasoning’s.  Maybe they feel that you should always give them the respect of listening to every word that travels out of their mouths but refuse to show you the same common courtesy when it comes you providing you the chance to state your’s.  This is something I think we are all guilty of at one time or another but at all stages, regardless of which of them we find ourselves, the result is the same.  We have and continue to misuse conversation, get disappointed, frustrated and the person who may have started out as a pretty good opportunity to convert to your side of thinking, now becomes just another enemy and someone to find a reason to hate, dismiss or disregard.

This feeling violates the very essence of who we are as the image of God but since we do not know what this feeling is and have never been told what it might be, we mask it with any label that will make us sleep better at night.  That feeling happens each and every time we do something, fail to do something, say something or fail to say something that does not reflect who we really are.  Children are born with a heart of gold and only through lessons taught by parents, society and life will the shine of that gold tarnish and in some instances diminish.  This may be why it is written in the Bible that God would like us to go back to the time of a child.  When our love, compassion and caring for another was pure and untainted.  When we only sought to correct another when we saw that their actions could end of an injury, harm or death to themselves.  This was the same exact reasoning for children’s conversations as innocent and pure as they were then.

You see, our problem is the purpose of the styles and types of conversations we hold today.  They are not to try and get an understanding of why someone feels differently than we do.  They are not to try and possibly learn from that difference and take away a positive message from that exchange.  Conversations today are simply and sadly meant only to convince the other to come over to our side.  We believe that the more converts we have, the stronger our case and the more others will join but it’s never enough to have a few or even many who may see the world as you do, we must strive to convert each and every one we encounter.  We deem it a success if we are able to do that and we count ourselves as part of the elite when we succeed but when that one person decides to stand firm on his/her convictions and refuses to submit to our will, the horns comes out and the clawing begins.

If the only reason you converse with anyone is to convert them to your side, you have not only already lost that battle but you have set yourself up for major disappointment and we all know what follows when we are disappointed.  Conversations should be to try and gain an understanding of why those who oppose you are opposing you.  Only then can you ever conceive of any way to learn, mature and grow.  By allowing others to speak their minds and beliefs, you are essentially allowing yourself to be in a much better position to find that child in you and if you listen well enough you might even be surprised just how much easier listening to them makes the task of conversion just as easy.  At least by not placing that unrealistic goal of 100% conversion to your side, you will leave all conversations feeling better about yourself than you possibly did when you began.


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