What if an earthly death was nothing more than a “do-over?”

We are conditioned to think that the life we live on earth ends when the body stops functioning but the older we get the more we come to think that life has a much higher purpose.  Some of us even go as far as to try and understand the true meaning of life but what we find is life’s meaning is still up to the individual about what life means to them.

I believe that the only life that ends when the body stops functioning is the earthy life but we are more than just simple flesh, we are a spirit made in the image of God and only God has the power and authority to end this life.  Life is not this existence within these man-made bodies but the existence of the spirit that inhabits those bodies.  You see, man can end your earthly existence but they can never take your real life.  They can stop your heart from beating but they can never stop your soul from living, only God can do that. 

To leave this earth and graduate to a body made by God himself for our particular soul means eternal life but this happens on God’s time table and not man’s so when man ends your earthly existence, the time table still remains and your spirit returns until the time God has given you on earth has really expired.  Ever wonder why we have dreams of places and things that we do not remember ever taking part in.  Could it be snippets from memories of past lives?  Could it be the opportunities we prayed for to now change courses right then and there to seek the other path, you know the one no chosen.  These places and things may be that crossroad where we can now choose or we can follow the very same path we took before.

Let’s assume, that we continue to ask God for deliverance from our current lives but no matter how many people God places in front of us to help us make that change, we still miss those opportunities until our lives are so far out of control that we just can’t correct its course.  What if we are born in a family whose decisions will prevent you from achieving your ultimate form and since we learn from those we see as role models or leaders, we are convinced that our lives are destined to be what it becomes and there is little to nothing we can do about it.  We then begin to pray that we make the right decisions to alter our paths while being too afraid to make the changes when the time comes to do so.  A fleeting thought enters your mind to change and even though it feels so right, you think because it appeared and disappeared so quickly it can’t be, so you then continue to search for the right thing to do for sometimes years before ever learning to trust that first initial spontaneous thought.

You pray for forgiveness, courage, wisdom, strength and the ability to do the right thing and make the right choices, yet you continue to make the wrong ones and finally you ask God for a do over.  Another chance to correct that which you think may have been the key for your long path of bad decisions and so God does as he does and answers your prayers but in order to do so, the current life in the flesh has to end so that your true self, the spirit, can be released to be return again.  


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