America used to be the Land of Opportunity but no more

I remember when I was in school, how great my teachers made this nation of America sound and how proud I was to sing those songs like America the Beautiful which lead me to gladly donning that military uniform.  That was then and this is now, my pride still is as strong as it ever was but my fear is now America the Beautiful is now America the Hypocrite.  Thanks to so many who seem to have forgotten what those before us endured to gift us this awesome land of ours and began to look only at themselves when it came to getting as much and amassing as much material things as they can.  They only consider others when it is convenient for them or others are blocking their way up the ladder.  They only consider others when there is something that they need done but are too lazy or ignorant to do it themselves.

Classic example, in my State of Illinois, it was reported that the funds for the mentally ill was broke and that services for them would have to be cut in order for the state to even come close to a budget, then today, just a few minutes ago I read this. “Documents show that about $3 million in repairs were been made to the Illinois Governor's Mansion last summer. The Springfield State Journal-Register reports that documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act show the repairs included patching roof leaks that damaged walls and contributed to black mold.  An emergency generator was replaced and a valve was installed to prevent recurring flooding.  About another $2.8 million of repairs are pending at the Capital Development Board.  Those include replacing an outdated elevator and repairing woodwork. However the newspaper reports that bids for those projects in February 2014 have expired. The board said in a statement that Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner and first lady Diana Rauner plan a comprehensive restoration of the mansion but no date has been set for completion.”

Wow, I mean really, f**k the citizens who need help the most and dump millions into fixing up a place for the Governor to live.  I don’t know which highly educated extra-terrestrial came up with this as a priority system but as long as citizens sits on their brains and say or do nothing about it, I guess they will keep on making this great nation of our puke because those less fortunate are being crapped on while those more fortunate reach for the stars.  How can anyone claim to serve God and continue to pursue Satan?


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