Still waiting on those who cried about taking back their country to take back their party

For years many of us have been saying that in order for America to take back their prospective political parties, they must first remove big money but the Supreme Court and gerrymandering districts as well as the lack of true will from voters have done little in that regards.  All parties are subject to big money influence but it appears that one party, in particular, seems to be strangled by it.  Even though large donors get to have voice in the say of the Democratic Party, we are still allowed to look forward to things like the unemployment rate dropping, the stock market reaching new heights, the life-long wars end, the economy recovering, the deficit dropping and consumer confidence returning but for those in the Republican Party, nothing says more about where it stands that this article titled “In Leaked Tape Mitch McConnell Admits The Koch Brothers Are Running The Republican Party” written by Jason Easley for Politicus USA.

In it Mr. Easley reveals “Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) opened his remarks by saying, “Is this working? I know it’s been a long, but very inspiring day. And I want to start by thanking you, Charles and David for the important work you’re doing. I don’t know where we’d be without you, and um, and I want (inaudible) for rallying, uh, to the cause.” The main topic of his speech was Citizens United, and how the wealthy and corporations should control our elections. In the process of praising Citizens United, McConnell described how the Koch infested Supreme Court has opened the door to conservative billionaires buying the government, “And we've had a series of cases since then that I’ve filed amicus briefs in and had lawyers arguing in. We now have, I think, the most free and open system we've had in modern times. The Supreme Court allowed all of you to participate in the process in a variety of different ways. You can give to the candidate of your choice. You can give to Americans for Prosperity, or something else, a variety of different ways to push back against the party of government. It has nothing to do with overly political speech.” 

America will only become of the people by the people when the label of “the people” does not exclusively mean the wealthy.  In its beginning, America was ruled by those with the most and only recently has anyone with the least has ever been heard in those halls and chambers.  For those of you who were so animate about getting your country back, where are you now since it has been revealed that those you chose to lead are only following.


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