Armageddon and Global Warming, Real or Fake

First you need to understand what the dictionary definition of Armageddon is then decide if the way it is being used today fits that description.  The dictionary defines Armageddon as the place where the final battle between good and evil will be fought; a final completely destructive battle or any large scale and destructive conflict.  Now does this fit the way this word is being used in conversations of today, I personally think not.  When religious leaders speak of Armageddon, they want you to image an epic battle where everything is destroyed even the planet.  When politicians use the word they want you to think of an exploding earth, killing anything and everything left on it when it explodes.  None of these fits the description according to the dictionary and it doesn’t hold water according to the Bible.  Check it out for yourself if you have questions.

An article in Mother Jones Magazine written by Eric Holthaus titled “World Leaders Will Meet This Year to Decide the Fate of Our Planet. They Already Sound Pessimistic.” Makes it sounds like that the fate of this planet is in the hands of a few world leaders which are not only far from true but utterly laughable considering that none of them and no human period will ever decide what happens to any planet.  Man does not and never will have that authority or power.  Now we can mess it up to the point of not being recognizable and we can screw it up to the point where it stop functioning as God intended but really the fate of a world in the hands of men, get real.

Is Armageddon real, yes because there will be a final battle between good and evil but will it be this major destructive battle that man wants us to believe, I think not?  Is Global Warming real, yes we see the signs in the strange weather all over the globe but is it prophesied as the end of the world as many wish us to think, I think not.  Man was given command over the earth and everything in it but he was not given command over other men or human beings.  We were given a planet, a garden of Eden, able to provide us all that we could ever need to survive and thrive but greed instituted by Satan has ruined that and now the ignorance of man is helping to destroy even this garden.  We are the cause and we are the cure but we are not the all mighty and the ones who decides the fate of anything except our own soul.


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