The One Clear Way to know when the Fuse of PTSD is lit

For years now I have been fighting this invisible enemy and just recently come to realize who and what this enemy is.  This enemy used to get the best of me in the beginning but until recently I truly thought I had it under control.  Those nightmares and wondering minds as well as those hype-reactions took its toil but I made a fight of it.  I was just sitting here a few minutes ago and thinking that I had endured enough.  I couldn’t seem to stop the voices but as my day was getting darker, it finally occurred to me why.

The enemy is PTSD and whether those in the medical community wish to acknowledge it or not, I know that it exists.  It’s invisible to many but ever present for many more.  People wish you to believe that it is only exclusive to a certain segment of society but I know that it is not.  People want you to think that they understand what it is and how to treat it but they have no clue.  People want you to believe that only those who have spent massive classroom hours studying this knows anything about it but I know that the only ones who truly understand this disorder are those who are currently living it.  Bottom line is so many say that they are trying to understand how they can tell when the fuse is lit well here is your answer.

The fuse to suicide or homicides are lit when the individual suffering from it see no other way to make the voices stop.  They have tried your therapy, your drugs and your suggestions but still the voices speak.  They have tried to merge back within the mainstream and they have attended your job fairs and transition courses only to find that the voices are getting louder.  You see the primary lighting of the fuse is not what people say or even what they do.  The primary lighting of the fuse is when they don’t know how to stop talking, advising or commenting.  Once that fuse is lit, it only takes a single action to put that spark out but this action is the furthers thing from the thoughts and minds of people who just don’t get it.

When the sufferer gets quiet, this is the time for those who say that they understand and care should also get quiet.  There is a battle currently going on in his/her head and the last thing we need is additional noise.  Just sit there, hold their hands, lay your head upon their shoulders or give them a little bit of room to monitor and control this battle.  Just the simple phrase of saying that it appears you is going through something right now and I will leave you to that but know that you are and never will be alone.  This provides us with that safety net and knowing that we have that allows us the confidence to beat this thing.  This is just one person’s idea and thoughts and these results may differ.


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