The Multiple Heads of ISIL

So many are frustrated and confused as to what we have to do to defeat ISIL and many are considering that all that is necessary is to cut off the head of the snake but today, it has occurred to me that this is and never will be the way ISIL will ever get defeated.  Some are correct that military force is necessary but it will never end them.  Some are correct that it will take a diplomatic answer to solve this issue but that alone is also not the case.  So with that, quite a few are confused and frustrated so they lash out at anyone or anything else that is marginally offensive to them in order to find a place for their frustrated-laced anger.  So what do we do?  First we need to understand the problem before we can find the solution.

The first thing, I think we need to teach ourselves is ISIL is not one main operating group but a series of self-lead branches which follow their own brand of justice.  The overall message may be the same but the actions and operations are different which just may explain why getting a handle on this group is so confusing and frustrating.  Let’s assume that each single unit operates based solely on that particular person or persons at the top.  Our military is made up of several units; there is the company, the battalion, the regiment and then the fleet.  Our military uses the same manual for each of these individual groups but it is not the same for ISIL.  A company of ISIL militants will operate according to that group’s leadership and even after its actions are exposed, they fear no repercussions because the main group, the fleet, has no true control over what they do.  The fleet, is only concerned with the amount of operating capital each of the lower divisions bring in and they could care less how those numbers are met.  Taking out the head of the fleet only makes room for more to move up because with the elevation in status comes a bigger paycheck.  There are three major things that needs to be done to defeat ISIL and they need to be done at the same time.

The first is to rid governments of this thing called austerity because it is doing nothing but driving down that countries economy which is making life harder for those already suffering and driving them into the hands of the highest bidder of their services.  The next thing we need to do is divide and conquer by assigning targets aimed at these lower branches of ISIL like the companies.  You do not need to worry so much about the supply line or the telecommunication centers but concentrate on the living and recreational areas.  Take out one company at a time and you will surely drive those remaining in that area to the other areas occupied by ISIL for no other reason than safety.  As they shrink and confine themselves into a much smaller area, they will finally be vulnerable to a single strike which will decimate and cause many to rethink the selling of their soul.  The final action we need to take is speak with one voice on how those who use violence to make their point knows nothing about religion and has attempted to hijack it as an excuse period.  Wanting your own country is fine but to think you have to kill to get it is radical, it is insane because the people of today whether, Christian, Muslim, or Jew will not just sit back and cry foul, many will step up, stand up and defend.  


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