Why the Rise of ISIL is a very good thing for Religion

I, like all others I have come across, would surely love nothing better than to find that one way to secure my place within the gates of heaven.  I sometimes see this as my one and only main task while visiting here on this earth and in this flesh but certain things have come to light which is beginning to make me think that this will never happen and that maybe the primary reason that it won’t is I am stuck living in the same manner that so many of us find ourselves.  I’m beginning to think that the way I was raised to believe in eternal life and how to get there is nothing more than a trick.  I’m beginning to think that while Christianity is a faith, the different branches like Baptist, Catholic, Evangelist and so forth is religion and it is the trap.  Attempting to live my life not by the word of God as interpret by me but as told to me by another just as mortal as me.  I’m beginning to think that the only true way to secure my place in heaven is to listen to the words of others, compare it to the word of God then make up my own mind.

I come to this conclusion based on the recent and current reports of ISIL.  Reports that say these believers wish to bring on the war spoken about in their text between Islam and the Crusaders.  I come to this conclusion by simply asking this question.  If what they believe will happen is by the will of their God Allah then why would it be necessary for them to push to make it happen?  Is it because they do not have faith in their own God to make true what is said that he told those prophets so long ago?  Is it because they are not willing to trust in their God and think that they know better by pushing others into a war that they want now?  If one truly believes in a higher power with a higher purpose and that this being is all powerful and omnipresent, should not that belief bring with it a sense of peace and calm because you trust your God’s will? 

Many were all up in arms because President Obama mentioned the Crusades but the problem is why it would enrage so many at this time.  Could it be because they see now that the covering over which they hide is slowly and surely being pulled back and the years and years of lies and backstabbing is about to be revealed.  You see I have come to believe that events that occur from global warming to floods, earthquakes and wars is not the will of God nor has it ever been.  I have come to believe that these occurrences are all because of man, his greed and unquenchable desire to be worshiped as a God.  I believe that only when man reaches the point of becoming a God can then Satan truly rise and take full control as he has been trying to do for so long.

The Crusades happened because a particular group wanted to shape the world in their own image as well as Hitler, Communism, Liberalism, Conservatism, big business and so many more.  Those with enormous resources continue today to try and shape this nation into what they think it should be and not what God wishes it to be.  Oh yeah, they hide their intentions under the umbrella of God and religion but consider this.  The Catholic Stronghold which is a country within itself was not constructed by the word of God, it was constructed by the hands of man and with the trillions of dollars plundered and stolen from others.  We all should have heard about the Knights Templar and we all should have heard of the many that have searched for their gold and treasures, they supposedly stored.  This is the very same path that we follow today, not the path of God and so not even close to the path of Jesus but the path of other mortals who came before us because we want what they wanted which is a world shaped in the way we want.

What is written in all of our texts, regardless of how you serve, what name you given them or how many there are, is but lists of events that have already happened and they are given to us so that we not repeat the same mistakes or take the same path that those mentioned within did.  God and his son Jesus have the power to make us submissive but they do not use it and one has got to wonder why.  Maybe because he wants us to use the organ located between our ears and think for ourselves.  Maybe he wants us to choose our own destiny and not one pre-chosen for us.  Maybe he wants us to discover this conspiracy all one our own because that is the only way we will ever truly believe in it.  I believe that God simply sees the direction that man is going and then creates a scenario where a lesson can be learned and a path out of it can be found but it is up to each of us individually to discover this path and make a choice to walk it.  I believe that God is simply like many dads of the flesh who does nothing more than follow behind his children and tries constantly to clean up their messes.

In our efforts to shape this world, we do so based on how we would personally like to see it and not how God intended.  We hide behind religion to blind others to our true agenda.  ISIL wishes to establish their own Sunni World and like the one percent they are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goal.  If this means many must die then so be it which puts me in the mind of big business that feels that they would be much better off if those underlings did not have a right to vote, could never rise above or equal to them or have complete control over their own bodies.  If this means that the lesser of these will suffer, so be it.  Religion is nothing more than the ideas of a few about what kind of world that they wish to live in and their efforts to effect that change regardless of who they have to step on or kill to make it happen.  Next time someone quotes the Bible to you, pull your’s out and hand it to them.  Ask them to show you where it says that and if they can remember, read it for yourself then judge whether they are telling your truth or theirs.  You do not have to belong to any particular religion or sect to gain access to the kingdom of heaven, you just have to maintain your faith whether Christianity, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish or any other period.


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