Even the Thin Blue Line limits it Acceptance of the Shades of Black

I have often asked the question of what does those who support wrong think is going to happen once the target of that wrong is done humiliating and degrading them.  Do they think that their task will be over and everyone will then move on to bigger and better things?  There is a story originated by CNN affiliate WFSB reporting “an anonymous letter bitterly insulting African-American officers was recently found in mailboxes at a Connecticut police station.”  It said that this letter specifically mentioned an Officer Higgins who did nothing to restraint the police brutality caught on tape and even joined in on the misconduct.  The fact that he was acquitted on those charges and this letter being found says to me that he may have spilled his guts about the other officers involved and therefore needed to be reminded of the power of their Police Union.  He joined them as many under the hood of a white sheet did but now he is a target so what does that say to the rest of us.

It should say that only a fool would think that siding with wrong will ever get you any righteous treatment.  It should say that if you hold a torch against anyone who may resemble you in any way, that same torch will be held against you by the very same people you may have once called friend.  It says that if you stand with those who wish to control a woman’s right to determine what happens to her own body and you are a woman, you may be next on that very same list.  It should tell you that no one is immune from an evil that does not care who you know or where you come from as long as you are not even slightly seen as opposing its will.  So many other practices have been long a staple in police work and much of it is still hidden but recently another revelation was reveled in an article by John Vibes titled “Bombshell Interview: Cop Reveals That “Planting Evidence And Lying” Are Just “Part Of The Game”.   The most disturbing part of this interview involved “When asked if he would get in trouble with the police department for framing people, the officer laughed and said that this type of behavior was actually encouraged.  “Our top boss, Sheriff Ric Bradshaw, supports this behavior and has for his entire career. As with anything, it depends on whom you know in our agency. Last year, we had three deputies on the TAC unit, Kevin Drummond and Jarrod Foster; get caught falsifying information for a warrant. They got a pat on the back for a job well done. Just recently, we had a deputy; I think his name was Booth. He was caught completely lying on a car crash. Back a few more years, our Sheriff was involved a massive cover up of the death of two black deputies. He hid the report for years. This is only the beginning. The Sheriff has been involved in falsification of documents and his underling, Chief Deputy Michael Gauger, has been personally involved in an overtime scandal to steal money from the Sheriff’s Office. Does our Sheriff know about this behavior? Of course he does. We have even had a judge outright accuse my agency of committing fraud upon the court in a public hearing. She was one of the ones who saw through all the lying and covering up our department does to get away with the internal crime committed by deputies on a regular basis,” he said.”

The question now becomes whatever happened with and to that judge?  Probably replaced by a judge of the same stripe in this next article which demonstrates how well rounded and funded this justice system is.  It is titled “Racist Judge Arrested For Beating a Mentally Disabled Man While Yelling “Run, N*****, Run” written by Cassandra Rules and reports that “Judge Bill Weisenberger has finally been arrested for allegedly assaulting a mentally disabled man while screaming racial slurs at him in May of last year.  Weisenberger turned himself in on Thursday but was released on a $10,000 bond.  “Judge William Weisenberger, Sr., on or about May 8, 2014, in Madison County, Mississippi, and within the jurisdiction of this court, did purposely, knowingly, willfully, unlawfully and feloniously cause bodily injury to James Rivers, a vulnerable person… by striking him in the head,” the indictment reads.  His victim, 20-year-old Eric Rivers, was at a flea market where Weisenberger was working security, offering to help vendors load and unload their products to try to earn money to buy a bicycle.  Despite witnesses who saw Weisenberger hit Rivers, twice, while yelling “run, n*****, run,” it took nine months and four grand juries for the judge to be indicted for felony simple assault on a vulnerable adult. Weisenberger reportedly stepped down from his position as a judge. However, he is still absurdly being paid an annual salary of $45,700, as he has not yet been convicted of a felony or removed by the Supreme Court.  Since the incident became public, Weisenberger has been accused of many more cases of racism and discrimination in his courtroom. Weisenberger and Madison County are also being sued by an African-American man named Charles Plumpp who claims he was arrested and jailed on a charge of “roaming livestock,” a misdemeanor charge that does not even exist, The Clarion-Ledger reports.”

Yes people, lest we not be fooled, even that thin blue line that you hear all races of officers swear by, may not tolerate those very same officers if what they get caught doing would damage those leading these groups.  It is imperative to understand that all this is made possible by police unions without restraint, lack of consequence for those officers who commit these injustices and the missing legal representation of those who do not have the resources to have their voice heard in a courtroom.  It is a clear case of having the deck completely stacked against you and being berated because you lost the fight.  The first step in fixing this problem may have already been taken by officers who are done being quiet about it and the next step would be to give access to those with little to no resources to that voice that speaks for them.


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