ISIL Faulty Logic and the Calling of all Cowards

I keep hearing of some who wishes to push this idea that those within the ISIL camp may have a legitimate reason for hating America and The West but still cannot find it within my heart to accept such a premises.  I find it hard because I know of so many more groups and sections of people who have a much more legitimate case for hating America but will never turn to joining a group which seems bent on destruction instead of construction.

Those who pushes ISIL justification say that it is because America invaded their sovereign country and killed their citizens but correct me if I am wrong, did not those who appear to be at the head of this group not invade other countries?  These justified saints are not being bombed because they peacefully protested their leaders and murdered no innocents.  These justified saints are not ordained by higher power with the rights and authority to bully, intimidate and kill those who may stand in opposition of them.  These justified saints must be confusing that circle above their heads as a halo instead of realizing that it is nothing more than horns that happen to grow in a circle.

Native Americans have more of a justification to hate this nation than anyone included within or thinking of joining groups like ISIL but they don’t and know that the best way to change a system is from within.  Italian Americans, Jewish Americans, Polish Americans and Asian Americans have more of a right than ISIL.  Black Americans, Poor White Americans and Women have more of a right than ISIL but none of us do this because we know as the American Indians know, the best way to change any nation is from within and not with war or any sort of violence.  Our fight begins and ends within the laws of our nation because we know that only in that fashion or manner can we truly change the culture of a nation, hold it and its leaders accountable and make this country stronger in the end.  It would serve us well is those wishing us to see the point of a barbaric group to remember that.

ISIL says that they feel justified and vindicated when they can show how America, The West and our allies are killing innocent people in our efforts to eradicate them but can those who proclaim that they may have a point please answer to whom does ISIL and groups like them answer to for the murdering of the so many of innocence that they do?  That’s what I thought, so please do not tell me that they may be justified because there are many other groups who are more justified than ISIL and groups like them will ever be but they don’t.  ISIL chooses to be who they are and to date began without attempting any other way to address their concerns.  You choose to be a bully, a stain, a blight and when you make that choice, you need to accept any and all that comes with that choice so stop all the whining about how America, The West and our allies are doing you wrong and accept your medicine like a grown up, you slightly matured little child.


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