Democrats Demand Leaders and this Mid-Term Produced Few

If you wish to know why Elizabeth Warren is so popular in the Democratic Party, it is simply because you can hear, see and feel the passion she has for issues and her voice is mostly consistent on all of them.  She shows many how we can disagree without being disagreeable and she makes Democrats feel that even those closely to her would not be able to sway her from the task she has to represent not just her state but this nation as a whole.  That ladies and gentlemen is what you call leadership and that was sorely missing from this crop of Democrats in these years mid-term elections.

Republicans will swear it was all about Obama and that is a lie because if Obama had been on the ballot, Democrats would have rode his coat tails and easily won.  Obama was not on the ballot.  Minimum wage, a woman’s right to choose, voting rights, immigration, healthcare, pay equity, jobs, and gay rights was.  So why did these not carry Democrats to victory, simply because they too drank the Kool-Aid and fell for the Taylor-made excuse that this mid-term was all about Obama policies and they had to distance themselves because he did not win in those particular states.  They listened to the media, who has never had a decent track record on anything much lately and those strategist who still believe if you wish to win you need to cater to every single group/  They lost because they did not lead on anything and spent too much time defending.  They lost because they too played the electorate for stupid instead of realizing that Democratic voters are far smarter than anyone gives them credit for.  They see through politicians who only say what they think you wish to hear instead of taking a stand for something.  Democrats will forgive a person who stands strong for something then later realize that they were wrong admits it and changes course but they despises people who attempts to play them like a fiddle and believe that their votes can be purchased like some toy from some store.  You got to do better than that if you want to win and be a Democrat.  If you sacrifice one you sacrifice us all and we do not take too kindly to that.  We would rather not send a far too flexible person into office, we demand better choices and if you won’t give them to us, then you won’t see office.  Conservatives seem not to care who they send as long as they send more than others.  They appear not to care about anyone or anything except those things that they hold dear.  They appear to care nothing about a nation that helped them achieve their dreams as long as no one else that they fear never achieves theirs.  This is not nor never will be the case for Democrats.  You will see office but you will make decisions that will benefit the nation as a whole and you will lead when it is time to lead and follow when it is time to follow.

Don’t believe take a look at the states that had minimum wage on the ballots and tell me how well that did.  Now explain why Democrats did not do as well?  Strategy will never win elections, people do and when you take back control of your message from strategy and return it to the person who must deliver it and you will begin to find that Democrats numbers will grow overnight.  Keep following the will of those who will never vote for you and you will find yourself dusting off your resume and looking for another job.  The big question today will be what happened to Democrats, well here is my answer.

Arkansas -- Democratic Sen. Mary Pryor had no business losing to Rep. Tom Cotton but failing to force him to say what he would do in every situation that he found fault did not show that she knew how to lead but defend.  Democrats want leaders.

Colorado -- Democratic Sen. Mark Udall winning strategy based on another race did not show leadership, it showed a kid in school who never studied just copied off others papers. 

Georgia -- Michelle Nunn depended too much upon father’s reputation instead of stepping up to the plate as her own woman and making her opponent say what his plans were.

Kentucky -- Alison Lundergan Grimes sacrificed Barack Obama and by doing so made many Democrats see a person who would sacrifice them if she felt the need.  You do not throw your party’s standard barrier under the bus then expect to see victory, Democrats see fear.  Joe Manchin of Virginia did it best by saying he will never agree with the President on all things but the things that he can, he would.  Then he got into office did good for a few but is beginning to slip, poor Joe.

Iowa -- Bruce Braley disrespected the citizens of Iowa with his silly comment and when you disrespect one citizen of a state, you basically disrespect all of them and no matter how they feel about each other, they are still Americans and we will not have any of that.

North Carolina -- Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan must have thought that her record would speak for her and she did not have to do much in the way of making her opponent define himself. Republican Thom Tillis would have folded early had she laid out her record next to hers and just kept telling people what she would do.

Virginia -- Democratic Sen. Mark Warner getting a “do-over” but if he continues to hide behind the curtain will feel the demand later.


Florida -- Charlie Crist should have walked away with this one but spent more time talking about his opponent than he did his own record and what he was willing to do.  He failed to remind Florida that he had been there before so the promise he makes on the campaign trail he could certainly achieve.  Maybe Democrats said to Crist, you had you turn now step away.

Illinois -- Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn has been bringing jobs after jobs to Illinois but I heard or saw evidence on none of it.  I saw a lot of negative ads on Rauner which is never going to be the way things are done by the real Democratic Party.  We don’t need to destroy our fellow Americans; we just need to beat them.

Kansas -- Sen. Paul Davis polling well means nothing if you sit back and do nothing else.

Maryland -- Democrat Anthony Brown losing to Republican Larry Hogan may just be the diamond in the rough that Democrats are looking for.  Watch out for him if he stays true.

Massachusetts -- Democratic Martha Coakley lost not because she was a bad candidate but people remember how she campaigned the first time.  You never get a second chance for a first impression.  Massachusetts needs better candidates and they need to begin a whole lot earlier letting people know where they stand.

Wisconsin -- Democrats. Mary Burke was handed a “no-brainier” and still remains at home and not in the Governor’s mansion.  At what point does it not make sense to play back the promises made by Scott Walker then present the numbers as they are afterwards asking Wisconsin are you better off now.

Vermont -- Democratic Gov. Pat Shumlin missed a golden opportunity by saying that what has been accomplished was because of standing with his party and having surrogates telling stories of how he differed if there were ever differences with that same party but when the party made a decision supported it as he should.  No state legislature would have been needed.

The true beauty of the Democrats losing is now all of America will see exactly how weak this Republican Party is.  Now they got to govern and if America allows them to find other excuses why they cannot then Democrats you will get another chance, I just pray that it will not be too late and the nation, the country and this planet could still be saved.


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