Why are we Constantly Tolerating Ignorance?

We hear people often speak about the respect that this country once had around the world and how we should strive to get that back.  For some, we can’t even remember when we had this respect and for others it is the cause of one man in the White House.  But if the truth be told, the respect of this nation begins and ends with its citizens who sit back on their brains and allow ignorance to run rapid and unchecked throughout every facet of this country.  Ignorance which is considered comedy in many other places around the globe and seems to be an everyday occurrence here in America.  It begins and ends with us because if we continue to sit around and just chuckle at the knuckleheads showed all over the airwaves as a representative of the people, we will continue to be looked upon as a joke. 

Classic example is how the media and politicians have been allowed to take something as clear as Ebola and blow it all out of proportion without checking them.  As evidence by this article titled “Kentucky teacher resigns because she was once on the same continent as Ebola” by Joan McCarter for the Daily KOS.  This article reports that “A teacher at a Louisville, Kentucky, Catholic school has resigned rather than take paid leave after parents raised concerns about her trip to Kenya, half a continent away from the Ebola epidemic in western Africa, WDRB Channel 41 TV reported.  Susan Sherman, a religious education teacher who is also a registered nurse, was recently on a mission in Kenya in eastern Africa. When she returned, St. Margaret Mary School requested she take a precautionary 21-day leave and produce a health note from her doctor, according to a statement from the Archdiocese of Louisville.  Rather than take the leave, Sherman resigned. Perhaps that's because she fully realized just how poorly educated her school's officials are. Because Kenya is on the opposite side of the continent of Africa from where the Ebola is.” 

What makes this even more frustrating is this comes from educators who are supposed to know better and being better educated.  It’s not about a panic; it’s about ignorance pure and simple.  One’s inability to look at a map or too lazy to use common sense when facing a debate.  This recommendation came from the Archdiocese of Louisville and if these people who claim that they are chosen by God, the all-powerful and knowing, should they, if no other, have used that same God-given sense of intelligence that we all have.  When is enough going to be enough people or are we going to run this nation into the ground like so many other great nations before it.  When are we going to demand intelligence to be our beacon which shines brightly in the dark and becomes again the light that all those abroad seek shelter from the storm?

Those blessed with an opportunity to represent a nation such as this and they squander it by allowing their ignorance to be their guiding force and we as those who have the power to hire and fire them sit idly by like some frighten puppy with our tails between our legs hoping that one day a hero will come along and make us realize that the power to change the course of a nation does not rest with those we place in charge, it rests with us.


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