History Making Chuck Hagel Resigns as Secretary of Defense

American made history with the nominations and confirmation of the first enlisted man given the highest job in our military.  The nomination and eventually confirmation of Chuck Hagel did more for moral within the enlisted ranks than ever but this was never noted or reported on because media seeks confrontation instead of collaboration.

Now this media is all up in arms about Mr. Hagel’s resignation.  In an effort to find some point of confrontation, top media elites like Mark Murray of NBC wishes America to know that his resignation is all about the White House having no confidence in his leadership.  They speak of having this resignation coming at the wrong time and how it will be seen as disruptive to the many functions that our military is involved in right now.  Even after Chris Jansing, White House Correspondence for NBC news attempted to clear that line of thinking by reminding all that this post for Hagel was within the agreed upon 2 year hitch.  Media ignores the body language of both President Obama and Vice-President Biden as they said good bye to their friend and they minimized the remarks of how proud and thankful Mr. Obama was for Hagel being there.  They wish not to see any good in what Chuck Hagel has done and will only admit to it if that good leads to anything they could turn into a confrontation.  They use the fact that John McCain was against Chuck Hagel being named as Secretary of Defense but they refuse to add that John McCain was always going to be against anything this president would do as well as very disappointed that he did not get offered the job.  I wish media luck in finding individuals who do not have negative things to say about anything they report on.  In any job, there will be those who will never be happy.  If you truly wish to know why Chuck Hagel has chosen this time to leave, consider this.

Chuck Hagel is a man of action always was and always will be.  He stepped into a job to get things done and make life better for those often ignored by other individuals who have had that job.  He considered changes which would begin the re-build of our military from the ground up not the top down.  This new and fresher approach made military enlisted men and women happy to see someone like them as their leader instead of those adorned with brass.  Chuck Hagel is a man of his word always was and always will be.  He gave the president his word that if confirmed he would serve for 2 years and that is what he has done but this is not confrontational enough so media keep digging.  Chuck Hagel is man full of quiet confidence, always was and always will be.  A quiet confidence allows you to get your point across without fireworks.  Now Mr. Hagel knows that in the areas left to confront and solve cannot be accomplished by him and as the man he is he says it’s time to step aside so that an appropriate leader can be brought in. 

This is the man Chuck Hagel is and forgetting that by media is just as disrespectful as anything they are attaching to this White House.


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