Lack of Action in Washington is not all Republicans Fault

Depending on which channel you are watching will often determine which side of the issue of inaction in Washington you take but to me, the best position to sit in order to see the entire forest is right smack dab in the middle.

Sitting here, I can see the wonderful things this President has accomplished while in office as well as a few things I still have a hard time figuring out why he made the choice he did.  There are a tremendous amount of things he has done that I can honestly agree with and will defend to no end but there are also things that he has done which I do not agree with and would need much more convincing to defend.  This is the advantage I have by keeping myself in the middle.

Being in the middle has also made certain actions in and around Washington clear for me which do not involve the president.  Take the Supreme Court for an example.  The rules that they have instituted, and I say instituted because once you step into the role of legislating you instituted.  The Citizen United decision was a bonehead move and not only did it not do enough to protect the citizens that they were nominated to protect; it pushed those very citizens to the side and embraced business first.  Makes me wonder if the Supreme Court does not view itself as Wall Street sometimes.

Now we come to the Republicans who have all but a few ever saw their job as making this nation better for its citizens as a whole and been more concerned with damaging this president as often as possible.  To have a caucus whose only purpose is to obstruct and oppose instead of assist and propose is a clear sign of which way those who elected or selected them wishes this country to go.  To say on one hand you love this country and would lay down your life for it while at the same time doing everything you can to keep it operating on the dark side makes no sense.  You hear many Republicans claim to cherish the military but at every turn seek to delay, obstruct or kill any bill that seeks to reward us for the services we rendered on behalf of this nation.

But the worst of all may just be the Democrats themselves.  Bill Clinton was in office and there was nothing that the Democrats would not do for him.  They would offer him their first born if he had asked so one would believe that they would treat the other Democrat the same.  One would be wrong.  It started out quite well with Nancy Pelosi in charge of the House of Representatives.  The president wanted something and Pelosi would deliver unless she and many of her caucus strongly disagreed then she would negotiate with him.  End the end, she got a little of what her and her caucus wanted and the president got a little of what he wanted, by the time all things were said and done, that policy would aid the nation as a whole.  This cannot be said for the Senate supposedly controlled by Harry Reid.  Mr. Reid seemed to be called to a higher purpose where his only aim was to appease the minority.  This is made even clearer with the refusal to give him his newly nominated Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  The same affliction that is affecting Harry Reid seems to also have infected many Democrats.  A clear example was the many great accomplishments that this president made but was shunned by those running for re-election and ignoring him.  These same people begged him to delay action on immigration until after the election siting it would hurt their re-election chances, so he did.  They still lost and many lost badly, yet they still cannot bring themselves to demand that Harry Reid give this president his attorney general. Remember the House of Representatives under Nancy Pelosi passed hundreds of bills that we all wanted and need, many of these bills still sat at the door of Harry Reid and the Senate which had and until recently still had the majority.  

So America was left with a bad choice during the midterms, vote those who aided in the destruction of legislating out of office and replace them with those who actually promised to do a worse job.  What a choice, what a predicament, what a nation.


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