Four Black Ferguson Residents breaks the mold of how America sees us

You hear so often others say that the rioters and looters in Ferguson Missouri are proof of all blacks in America.  Only looking for something free and the chance to destroy and never to build.  Well this article about these 4 black Ferguson residents just shattered that concept.

The article is titled “Black Ferguson Residents Arm Themselves and Descend Upon White-Owned Business — The Reason Why Is Front-Page Worthy” written by Jason Howerton.  It reports that “A group of four black Ferguson residents reportedly armed themselves and descended upon a white-owned business following a grand jury’s decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. But unlike many of the Ferguson demonstrators, the armed men were there to protect the business, not destroy it in protest.  The men told the Las Vegas Review Journal that they feel indebted to the white store owner, Doug Morello, who has given them employment over the years.  “We would have been burned to the ground many times over if it weren't for them,” Morello said following the Ferguson riots. The business is a Conoco gas station and convenience store first bought by Morello’s father in 1984.  The black residents reportedly chased off groups of teenagers who allegedly wanted to loot the store. They also reportedly had a close-call after they were mistaken for looters by soldiers with the Missouri National Guard. One of the men was reportedly handcuffed temporarily until Morello could explain to the soldiers what they were doing at his business.”

So what now, all you who think that you can paint all people with one broad brush?  For ll those who think the actions of a few is indicative of the actions of us all.  Just as you misread black Ferguson residents, you also misread many white Ferguson residents and all other things as well.  These 4 men took it upon themselves to protect a man and his business who treated them with a little bit of respect and demonstrated to the highest order just what many blacks would be willing to do for anyone who shows them just a smidgen of respect and dignity.  But the most important lesson of all is that these 4 black men, showed you what all men and women of any race would do for you with just a little bit of respect and dignity thrown in.

No race is fully against another, it is only those few, that 10 percent.  Many of any race would stand by your shoulder to shoulder through the fire if they are shown just a little bit of compassion, understanding, respect and yes, dignity.  Don’t take my word for it look at the old photos of the civil rights movement, where you see the rainbow standing shoulder to shoulder.  Look at the photos of those in Ferguson marching together side by side or any other city linked by the shooting deaths of unarmed people by police.  They are not of one color or another, they are the epitome of how well we all can come together to make others aware of a problem and begin the long hard journey toward fixing the problem.

While I do not favor the arming up, I do see the actions of these 4 men as a shining example of how people who share a common ground like compassion, caring, respect and dignity can stand proudly and, yes if necessary defiantly.


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