Senator-Elect Joni Ernst Mitt Romney 47% Moment Cable News and National Media Missed

Don’t know whom her opponent in that race had working for him but plain to see, they were not doing as good of a job as they could have.  Ms. Ernst is okay with these things because it is what she knows and since she was allowed to say these things but never held to account for them makes her even more embolden.  In an article titled “Republican Joni Ernst Admits Why Republicans Really Hate Obamacare” written by Jonathan Chait for The Daily Intelligencer/The National Interest, the audacity of those most fortunate to worry less about making ends meet or never truly had to live from pay check to pay check floors me with their advice on what those that do need to do.  It never ceases to amaze me how those who have never struggled will stand and tell anyone how the life they have is not a struggle.  It’s like a man telling a woman how it feels to get raped when only she is the one who was.

The article reported that Ms. Ernst said “We’re looking at Obamacare right now. Once we start with those benefits in January, how are we going to get people off of those? It’s exponentially harder to remove people once they've already been on those programs…we rely on government for absolutely everything. And in the years since I was a small girl up until now into my adulthood with children of my own, we have lost a reliance on not only our own families, but so much of what our churches and private organizations used to do. They used to have wonderful food pantries. They used to provide clothing for those that really needed it. But we have gotten away from that. Now we’re at a point where the government will just give away anything.”

What makes this a “Mitt Romney Moment” is Ms. Ernst assumption that being able to be and stay health as well as possibly extending one’s life is identical to having “wonderful food pantries and clothing provided”.  Excuse me but is this being poor and struggling to survive has come down to?  To solve the problem just establish more “wonderful food pantries” and provide them clothes?  Or maybe we should re-establish churches and private organizations to do the things that Ms. Ernst say they used to do.  Has anyone told her that those wonderful pantries are stocked with food donated to them and given away to those who need it?  Has anyone ever explained to her that those clothes being provided was given to those private organization and given away to those who needs it.  So just how is that different than Obamacare in her eyes.

As a Lt. Colonel and battalion commander in the Iowa Army National Guard, one would think that Ms. Ernst would be a tad more reasonable than that.  One would think that she would have been exposed to real suffering instead of the slight inconvenience she seems to only be aware of.  One would think that since she teaches Sunday school in the same church she was baptized and married in she would embrace the part of the scriptures which says to take care of the poor and feed the hungry.  That being said, as now part of the very same government that she once spoke about defending herself from, would it not be the Christian thing to do , providing in any way, the things those less fortunate require to survive or does she pray to a different God?


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