The one and only True Lesson of the Bible

So many religious leaders want you to know what lessons the Bible teaches and each has their own ideas of what that lesson is.  The problem comes when their idea of that lesson conflicts with my idea then as Satan would have it, the arguments begin.  We send more time trying to convince another that we are right than we do investigating our own ideas and thoughts to see if they are right.  It soon becomes unimportant if we are truly right as long as we are willing to act like we are and not allow anyone else to sway us from believing it.  We spend the majority of everyday looking at the decisions of another person comparing them to decisions that we may have done differently and then attempting to prove that point.  At no time publicly, do we consider that we may be wrong or that there is truly no right or wrong answers.  At no time do we consider that what you believe is your right to believe and even though we may not agree with it, we can at least make a valid attempt to respect it.  No it’s all about us 24/7 and we can be and shall never be proven wrong.  If we are ever exposed to a truth different from our own, we have this fail-safe mechanism that allows us to either ignore that information or destroy the messenger.  The Old Testament is full of stories of how those in power refused to relinquish it and went far and beyond the call to destroy the messenger.  They succeeded in removing many of these messengers from site but they will never completely destroy the message.  We still live this way now and in our quest to find that elusive lesson that the Bible teaches we come upon many different interpretations but it still doesn’t feel right.  In my humble opinion there is but one solid lesson that the Bible is attempting to teach all of us and that lesson is to obtain, concentrate and maintain valor.

What is valor you ask?  Well Army Gen. David G. Perkins, the commanding general of U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command said it best in an article titled “Medal of Honor recipient says he's 'no hero' written by Lisa Ferdinando for the official US Army website. He said "Valor is really the strength of mind and will to face danger and stand firm in the face of it," he said. "You have to possess valor to act in a heroic manner."  In this life, on this planet and in Satan’s world, Christians must be able to display valor each and every day.  We must be willing to have the strength of mind and will, to stand in the face of danger and stand firm as we face it.  This is not on display when you see something that is wrong but quickly turn a blind eye as if it is someone else’s problem.  You saw it happening because that was your cue to act, you turned away because you lack valor.

This is the missing ingredient for all of us.  The display of valor must be something we do every day and not just on Sundays.  It is something that we must be about and not just hear about.  It is something that should be woven into our DNA, into our spirit and into our soul of which we are nothing but.  Valor should be something we do not ever have to try to be, it should be something we can’t help but to be.  If there is something you feel you need to say, stand up and say it, show your valor.  It’s not what you say that offends; it’s how you say it.  If there is something that you wish to do, step up and do it.  It’s not whether it is your right; it’s whether that action will infringe on others’ rights.  Being right is irrelevant, being wrong is a blessing being able to respect the rights of another while holding firm to your convictions is the hallmark of valor.  Where’s yours’?


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