God is neither the problem nor the solution, you are

As Christians, we have been led to believe a lie that has been propagated by many of those standing behind the pulpit as well as those who may have never stepped foot in a church.  We have been told that if we believe strong enough, pray hard enough and have an undying faith, God would grant us with all that we desire.  We believe it because so many entrusted to show us God’s way and deliver the Good News as only they can have said so.  They have used passages from the Bible to show how powerful he is and even reminds people of how his son Jesus turned water into wine.  But what they refuse to tell us is that God foes not deliver present like the mythical Santa at Christmas.  What our father does is open the doors necessary for you to receive those things you prayed for but it is up to us to reach out and grab them, to turn that knob and walk through to show that we deserve these things by fighting our way to them instead of waiting on God to deliver them on a silver platter.  You see God is not the problem and he is not the solution.  What he is, is a caring, loving, merciful and sensitive father who clears the roadblocks so that we can not only clearly see our goal but achieve it.  He makes the way but it is up to us to get there under the power that he has already given us.  Still many choose to ignore this fact because it is much easier to sit on our brains and blame others for our lack of personal success.  Why take the blame for anything when you can just sit there and complain while pointing the finger at everyone but yourself.  Here are more examples for you to understand exactly what I mean.

There is an article titled  “Pope Francis again demotes hard-line U.S. cardinal” written by Marco della Cava for USA TODAY  which reports that “In a move that reflects the loosening posture of the Vatican on major social issues, conservative U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke was removed by Pope Francis from yet another top post.  Burke, who has long been vocal about denying communion to Catholic politicians who support abortion, was dismissed as head of the Holy See's highest court and given the post of Patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, a largely ceremonial job overseeing charity to seniors.  At 66, Burke is considered young by church hierarchy standards. The dismissal is a set-back to his Vatican career as well as a clear message from Pope Francis to those not hewing to his progressive view of the Catholic Church.  Burke isn't alone in his critique of the path the Argentine Jesuit pope has chosen for his flock; there are more than 1 billion baptized Catholics worldwide, 78 million of whom are American.  Francis eschews elaborate papal vestments in favor of more humble garb. He has been known to celebrate holidays by washing the feet of the poor and prisoners. And, notably, he has encouraged no-cost marriage annulments for Catholics and welcomed gay men and lesbians to the church.

Now here it is one of the oldest religions in the world that still has not figured out that just because you take on a particular faith does not make you chosen.  That because you call yourself a Catholic does not make you better than all those who don’t.  Just because you believe in a particular policy that does not station you any higher on God’s list than those who refuse to follow.  For years the satanic order of doing all that you can for money has been the order of the day for all religions.  Look at the mega-churches and those who show up on television living in the lap of luxury while all those they proclaim to serve go hungry.  Look at those in governmental and political power making decisions which will reinforce their standings while seemingly never once thinking about those that their decisions will affect.  Still don’t get it America then try this one on for size.

Talk about not able to see the forest for the trees, maybe someone looking in from a distance has a better view of your hypocrisy than those standing right next to you.  I speak of an article titled
You Americans Have No Idea…' - Another Open Letter, This Time From Canada & This One Hurts” by Leslie Salzillo for The Daily KOS featuring this letter which says “You Americans Have No Idea Just How Good You Have It With Obama.  Many of us Canadians are confused by the U.S. midterm elections. Consider, right now in America, corporate profits are at record highs, the country's adding 200,000 jobs per month, unemployment is below 6%, U.S. gross national product growth is the best of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries. The dollar is at its strongest levels in years, the stock market is near record highs, gasoline prices are falling, there's no inflation, interest rates are the lowest in 30 years, U.S. oil imports are declining, U.S. oil production is rapidly increasing, the deficit is rapidly declining, and the wealthy are still making astonishing amounts of money.  America is leading the world once again and respected internationally — in sharp contrast to the Bush years. Obama brought soldiers home from Iraq and killed Osama bin Laden.  So, Americans vote for the party that got you into the mess that Obama just dug you out of? This defies reason.  When you are done with Obama, could you send him our way?  Richard Brunt, Victoria, British Columbia.

Here we have a president, much like the pope who looks to unite and takes his time considering all aspects of the story before making a decision.  A thoughtful Commander-in-Chief but this fact is quickly lost because there are those who don’t like him because he is black.  There are those who don’t like him because he’s a Democrat and there are those who don’t like him because he is not the guy they wanted in the White House.  Either way, if you honestly take a look at America’s current status as opposed to where we were before he stepped into the role of president, you have to admit that we are much better off.  If someone from a completely different country can clearly see the accomplishments, surely those walking right next to him or able to sit down with him can see them too.  But this defeat your satanic position doesn’t it?  You say you love God and follow his teachings but you don’t because God does not like ugly but ugly is all others see from you.  You can’t give anyone a break and you lack compassion for anyone who don’t think, look or act like you.  How then is that Godly?  You see God is not the problem, you are.  You are the problem because anytime someone disagrees with you, they instantly become your enemy and you do all that you can to destroy them, how is that Godly.  The Bible says to forgive yet we disregard that lesson in favor of one that we are no longer bound by, vengeance.  You are the solution because all you have to do is tell Satan to get behind you and make up your mind to treat others as you wish to be treated.  That door is one God opened for you so very long ago but only a few of us has had the courage and backbone to walk through it.

Fear not though, again science has come along to offer you another excuse for your hypocrisy.  Is it really science finding this or is it something that Satan revealed so that you now have another excuse for doing things you know is wrong but refuses to change because you are waiting on God to come down from heaven and place his hand on your forehead.  This article was taken from MSN.com but is untitled and with an unknown author.  The article talks about “A virus known to attack green algae in lakes and rivers can also infect human brains -- and it’s making dummies out of us. The virus, called ATCV-1, can impair cognitive activity, learning and memory, essentially making a person who has the virus less intelligent, researchers in the U.S. have found. Scientists said this is the first time the virus has been observed in people. 
“This is a striking example showing that the ‘innocuous’ microorganisms we carry can affect behavior and cognition,” Robert Yolken, a virologist at Johns Hopkins Medical School in Maryland, who led the original study, told the Independent. All people have physiological differences “encoded in the set of genes each inherits from parents, yet some of these differences are fueled by the various microorganisms we harbor and the way they interact with our genes,” Yolken said.  Scientists discovered the virus accidentally while working on an unrelated study into microbes in the human throat. Throat swabs drawn from study volunteers showed unexpected traces of ATCV-1 in their DNA. Out of the 92 healthy adults screened in the study, nearly 44 percent of them had the virus, the authors said.  Study participants who had the virus performed around 10 percent worse on cognitive tests. Additionally, researchers noted the presence of the virus was correlated with lower attention spans and a “statistically significant decrease in … visual processing and visual motor speed.” While the virus is found in freshwater, there was no indication the only people who had it were swimmers and boaters. “These are agents that we carry around for a long time and that may have subtle effects on our cognition and behavior,” Yolken told Healthline. "We're really just starting to find out what some of these agents that we're carrying around might actually do.”

So I guess its okay to keep telling yourself that treating people like yesterday’s garbage is okay and clothing yourself in the cloak of religion to justify doing the work you associate with God while knowing full well that it is not.  Blame it on the virus.  Sit back and blame every bad thing that happens in your life on God because you do not have the spine to take responsibility for your actions.  Keep thinking that God will deliver to you all that you desire and all you have to do is just sit on your hands.  Keep thinking that in order to achieve the dream of eternal life, all you need to do is go to that building you call a church and constantly use religion as an excuse to deny those whom you see as inferior the very same rights you say that you will fight and die for.  You are the problem and God is not nor never will be you servant so stop looking for him to bring you your breakfast in bed like a slave or butler even maid.  God will not be following each and every one of us around cleaning up our messes because he is not that type of father.  He will open every single door you need open to achieve your goal but he will not pick you up and carry you to your destination, that is up to you which explains again why you are also the solution.  Oh and just in case you were wondering, Satan was an angel once too, knows the Bible probably better than any of us do and is a master at making things appear Godly when it really isn't.  The major difference between God and Satan, God seeks to educate by allowing you to think and reason for yourself.  Satan wishes to control by telling you what to think and how to act.  If you are being controlled by anything other than your own talent of listening and learning, whom are you following again?  God is neither the problem nor the solution; you are because you have the choice of doing better or not. You decide which path you will take and how long you will be on it.  You decide how you will react and how long you will continue to act that way.  You decide who you will embrace and who you will dismiss.  You decide, now stop blaming others and start carrying your own cross.  


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