Montana Resident Rebrands the Klan

In Whitefish, Montana there is an organization with a leader who is attempting to bring back a newer, sleeker and modern take on the old ways of the Klu Klux Klan.  His ideas are mostly the same but his methods seem more human than those of the past.  Gone are the robes and hoods, now what stands before you is a clean-shaven man in a stylish two piece suit.

In an article titled “The hatemonger next door” by Lauren Fox political reporter for U.S, News and World Report it is reported that “Richard Spencer’s tidy appearance is about more than his sense of propriety; it’s a recruitment tool. Spencer advocates for white separatism and he wants to shake his movement’s reputation for brutality and backwardness.  “We have to look good,” Spencer said, adding that if his movement means “being part of something that is crazed or ugly or vicious or just stupid, no one is going to want to be a part of it.” Those stereotypes of “redneck, tattooed, illiterate, no-teeth” people, Spencer said, are blocking his progress.  People have not really grasped that. Even if we shut off all immigration, the country is going to demographically undergo a tremendous transformation,” Spencer said. White people “need to start thinking about a new ethno-state that we would want to be a part of. This is not going to happen in the next election or in the next 10 years probably, but something in the future that would be for our great grandchildren.  The group rejects the calls for violence, which appear in Internet chat rooms and public campaigns of hate. Spencer prefers a more professorial approach of publishing books and organizing conferences. “Our goal is to form an intellectual community around European nationalism,” he wrote in an email.  “We are undergoing a sad process of degeneration,” he said, coming back to minority births in the U.S. “We will need to reverse it using the state and the government. You incentivize people with higher intelligence; you incentivize people who are healthy to have children. And it sounds terrible and nasty, but there would be a great use of contraception.”  He didn’t mean the government should encourage people to use birth control pills and condoms. He was advocating for some type of government-forced sterilization. “They could still enjoy sex. You are not ruining their life,” Spencer said.  He also said: “Today, in the public imagination, ‘ethnic-cleansing’ has been associated with civil war and mass murder (understandably so).  But this need not be the case.  1919 is a real example of successful ethnic redistribution — done by fiat, we should remember, but done peacefully.”  “The organization seeks to preserve the “heritage, identity and future of European people in the United States and Around the World.”  The “lesbians” and “Latinos” have advocates working for them, so why shouldn't whites, Spencer ask in the video.”

Now Mr. Spencer does have a couple of points that I find myself agreeing with.  The first is rejecting violence as a means to the end he and others seek.  We should all be allowed to believe what we wish, stand and defend what we believe without having to use violence to do so.  The best form of battle is one in which the only casualties are that of a belief and not of a person.  We can surely agree to disagree without being disagreeable.  The next is that all groups should have advocates and whites deserve theirs as well as any other group but that is as far as I can stretch to agree.  The rest of what is presented here that he stands for, I cannot agree with and some that I take offense at.

Thinking that just because my skin is brown and my social label is black, I am less intelligent is one of those that offend me.  Maybe you know more about a particular subject but that does not make you smarter than me, what it does is make you more knowledgeable in that area than I.  Intelligence is more about wisdom, the wisdom to know what to do with your knowledge.  The wisdom to know how to connect and compromise with someone you may not agree with but need to work as a team in order to achieve a goal which is beneficial to all as a whole.  Intelligence knows when to speak and when to remain silent, knowing when to raise your voice and when to speak softly.  Intelligence is having the wisdom and courage to admit when you are wrong and make the necessary changes to correct that wrong. 

Another item in the article that began me to smile was the mention of “forced sterilization”.  Now I know I talked about being able to debate without violence but if anyone attempted to sterilize me or mine and I was aware of it, I honestly think my dark side would prevail and I would be most incline to bless them.  I do not wish to be that person or those people who makes that attempt on me or mine.  It would not be a good thing.

Regardless of how we feel personally about one side or the other, we need to understand that everyone is entitled to their opinions and we should never deny anyone their truths.  If this is what he believes than I say more power to him.  I say establish your group, be straight forward and honest about what it stands for and allow those of like minds to make their own choice to join or not.  Besides, in the end the final judgment of anyone’s decision will not be anyone else’s to make.  The final decision will be made by God.


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