An Example to the World, America can be trusted

Many have grabbed a microphone and made claims that they think America is not as trusted in the world as it may have been some time ago and most of us would probably agree but while the majority of us just sit back and complain, a group of American citizens and this administration’s Department of Defense is making very strong strides to right that ship.  No further proof is needed than the article titled “Chemical-arms destruction could start Wednesday in Colorado” written by Dan Elliott for the Associated Press, but will even this be enough for some?

The article reports that “the U.S. Army could begin destroying the nation's largest remaining stockpile of chemical weapons as early as Wednesday. The Defense Department has given the go-ahead to start eliminating 780,000 shells containing 2,600 tons of mustard agent at the Army's Pueblo Chemical Depot in southern Colorado. Work could begin Wednesday if the weather is favorable for moving the material from a storage bunker to an airtight structure where the first destruction will take place, depot spokesman Thomas Schultz said. Managers don't want to expose crews or the containers to storms, Schultz said.  Another 523 tons of mustard and deadly nerve agents are stored at Blue Grass Army Depot in Kentucky. Blue Grass isn't expected to start destroying its weapons until 2016 or 2017, finishing in 2023.”

This president has promised to deplete these weapons and now the world will began to see that he was serious.  Now let’s not make a mistake and think that all is going to see this as a good thing.  The “naysayers” will never embrace anything this president or his administration ever does and some will even find something wrong with it but to the majority of us who pride ourselves on the reputation of being an American, this is surely a feather in our cap.


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