Royal Blood curses through the Veins of all Human Beings in this Universe

Before any of you blow a gasket, listen to my evidence before making your decision if what I say is a lie or not.  The dictionary defines royal as “descended from or related to a king” and if you truly believe in the Bible, call yourself a Christian or believe in a higher power, you have got to admit that the evidence I am about to lay out to you is quite compelling.

Every single human being in this and the other universe were made in the image of God, can we agree on that?  I say that because, in my opinion, there is no way that Earth is the only planet in this vast universe where God only saw fit to create a world such as the one we are occupying.  If we can agree on that then consider this.  The Bible tells us that God is our father and Jesus is his son which makes Jesus our brother.  The Bible says that Jesus is a descendant of God’s throne, should that not also apply to us as well.  Are we not descendants to God’s throne as well?  To those who wish to think about it first, I say thank you for that but for those who are quick to ignore or denounce this idea, I say, be careful to whom you truly serve.

So what does that really mean, if it is the case?  It means that there is nothing on this earth or in the universe man-made that is worthy of our royal blood and we should never place anything above keeping us from taking our rightful place in the Kingdom of Heaven right alongside or brother, Jesus and our father God.  In other words, if you condemn any human being for any reason whether it’s about race, sex, religion, beliefs and/or convictions, you are condemning yourself and all of the glory that awaits those who remember that we are indeed our brother and sisters keeper.  Those who take to heart the lesson our brother attempted to teach us by saying that we should treat others as we wish to be treated. You see we need not sacrifice our brothers and sisters to gain favor with our father.  If we wish to gain favor with our father all we have to do is treat others as we wish to be treated and believe that our brother Jesus did arrive here, died, bled and was resurrected taking away the sins of the past and delivering to us a new agreement between us and our father.

So to amass riches here on earth means nothing to those who were born rich with the wealth of all of the heavens.  We are able to reign as kings as the Bible tells us because we are a descendants to the throne or have we forgotten those words as written clearly in that book many of us claim to cherish.  We were all born rich but to many that style of richness is being replaced by this fantasy of richness we collect, horde and covet here on his planet.  Satan rejoices each and every time we relinquish our rightful claim upon that throne and choose earthly riches because that is one less person he has to fight to grab that throne for himself.

This is my case, not in its entirety but enough to hopefully give you pause and reason to consider what is being said.  Pick up this book we call a Bible regardless of the text in which it may be presented to you and read for yourself.  If you come up with an alternative thought, excellent because my opinion will never be more important or worth more than yours.


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