The Other Unspoken Legacy of the Obama Presidency

Presidential Historians are always attempting to vocalize what an American President will be forever known for.  Many see President Obama’s legacy as quite clear and simple.  He will be forever known as the first Black American President, he may be known for being the one to usher in health care for all, he may be known for turning around a dying economy, a growing deficit and closing down two wars but there is a portion of his legacy that seems to go unseen and unspoken.  President Obama may be known for removing the curtain behind which so many of us have hid and revealed an even more disturbing and deeper truth that has been facing us since the dawn of time.  President Obama may just be remembered as the president who forced all of us to face that image in the mirror and face racism head-on once and for all.

I say that because lately it appears clear that so many people who would normally not utter any statement remotely close to a racist statement are speaking out loud and clear.  There are those who may have secretly harbored these thoughts and ideas, who are now embolden by his election and no longer afraid to speak their minds.  While many may see this as a bad thing, I personally see this as a good thing.  In the war against bigotry, hatred, racism and shame, in order to defeat these enemies, we must first learn who they are and remember that these enemies are not people but ideas, thoughts and feelings acquired long ago.  They are how our parents told us we should feel about another or how an event or occurrence caused us to dislike, despise and hate.  They are enemies that even those who possess them know deep within their heart of hearts is wrong but believe that they have no other option except to cling to them.

They refusal to remain quiet about how you feel regarding any other race used to be suitable and only expressed in the sanctity of your home but now it is being done not only there but in certain groups, by the water cooler and even in the boardrooms.  The fear of saying what you feel is no more connected with shame because so many new avenues to spew any poison are many.  The lesson is slowly being absorbed that those feelings are not and never was mainstream but until the election for this president, it had always remained hidden by that curtain.  Now it is out in the open and exposed so that rational and right-minded people can now discuss, dispel and destroy it.  This could have only been done by these enemies being brought into the light.

Whether you agree or disagree, the results are the same.  Discussions of race related things are being had all over this country and in the opinion of this single individual; it is a very good thing.


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