Detroit Non-Profit gives you the Answer to the Welfare State Problem

There are hundreds of people who rail against what they call “the welfare state” that we are in.  Many prominent players have been quoted as calling some “the takers” and others “the givers” and some have settled with the labels and titles of “the haves and the have nots” but all are really saying the same thing.  They divide this nation into section probably because it is easier for their minds to wrap around if this very large pie was divided into sections instead of seeing the entire forest.  The sad part is that many of whom gravitate to these labels or titles are typically not those who live within them.  The takers are not those who call themselves takers because to them they do not take but to a giver who gives but never receives, they may just seem like it.  It’s pitiful that we need these divisions in order to even pretend to deal with each other as human beings but until we get to the point where each of us look at the other as a real true human being; I guess we are destined to continue down this path.

Enters this article titled “Detroit nonprofit hires homeless to make coats/sleeping bags” written by Mike Householder for the Associated Press which talks about “Veronika Scott simply wanted to get an "A'' on her product design project. And she did — with an idea that has changed her life and those of countless others. Now, the coat she created that can transform into a sleeping bag is providing warmth to homeless people and jobs for many who used to be so themselves.  Scott, 25, built a nonprofit, the Empowerment Plan, which employs and trains homeless single parents to manufacture the coats that were her project for a class at Detroit's College for Creative Studies four years ago. She believed the coat could help the city's sizable homeless population during the brutal winters.  Scott employs 19 women as full-time seamstresses and one man, who work in shipping and inventory.  "Homelessness is not a defining characteristic. It is not a permanent state of being," said Scott, who's looking to hire additional seamstresses to manufacture even more coats as interest in the product grows.  Arnetta Smith, one of the longest-tenured seamstresses, had been homeless for more than a year and had lost her job and car when she met Scott at a Detroit shelter.  "I'm independent now. I pay my own bills. I have a vehicle. I don't rely on the state for help anymore," said Smith, 38, who said she also helps support her son, a college student.”

So America is in lies your answer to this so called welfare state.  If it bothers you so much, if you feel as strongly about ridding this nation of this state as you say, then back a program like this one and others like it instead of just paying it lip-service.  In other words, America, if the welfare state bothers you so very much, put your money where your mouth is or shut that hole underneath your nose period.


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