Prominent Missouri Politician and his Aide’s apparent Suicide doesn’t add up

When I first heard this story on The Rachel Maddow Show, I was immediately concerned that something just wasn’t right.  Based on the story, it was assumed that Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich’s “suicide” came at the hands of the Missouri GOP chairman John Hancock’s false assertion that he was Jewish and the “suicide” death of his aide, Robert Jackson was a result of the many other prominent Republicans did not demand Mr. Hancock’s dismissal.  It is being seen as the results of the new GOP’s brand of politics.  I just can’t see that.

As reported in an article titled “Tom Schweich spokesman Spence Jackson found dead of apparent suicide” by Dave Helling and Jason Hancock for the Kansas City Star, it states “For the second time in a month, Missourians struggled Monday to understand the unfathomable — why a leading political figure in the state would take his own life.  Robert “Spence” Jackson, a prominent Republican spokesman and media liaison for more than a decade, was found dead Sunday night in the bedroom of his Jefferson City apartment.  He died from a single gunshot from a .357 Magnum revolver, police said. He left a note. Authorities consider the death a suicide.  They were unwilling Monday to officially tie Jackson’s death to that of his boss, former Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich, who shot himself Feb. 26. But politicians and consultants easily connected the two events.  In his eulogy, former U.S. Sen. Jack Danforth denounced an alleged whisper campaign against the auditor by GOP chairman John Hancock, who may have inaccurately described Schweich, who was a candidate for governor, as Jewish.  Danforth also called the producer of an anti-Schweich radio ad a “bully.” GOP consultant Jeff Roe was later linked to the message, which was sponsored by an obscure group called Citizens for Fairness in Missouri.  Danforth claimed both tactics contributed to Schweich’s suicide. Jackson echoed those views at the time, accusing opponents of taking the campaign for governor “straight into the gutter” and calling on Hancock to quit.  Jackson’s thinking might be clarified by the note police say he left behind, but they declined to release its contents Monday”.

The question begs to be answered as to if truly anyone’s choice of religion could be sole reason behind one taking their own life or the fact that what you strongly desire to happen causes you to also commit suicide if it doesn’t?  This just doesn’t smell right.  It seems to me that more may have been discovered and was being threatened to be released involving both Mr. Schweich and Mr. Jackson which truly could end their political career and it wasn’t being Jewish.  Maybe the called meeting between reporters and Mr. Schweich or the note left by Mr. Jackson may provide a deeper understanding of why these events happened but one thing is for sure.  The newest tactics of the new GOP to claim being a Christian while condemning all others and making it so very hard for those who wish to do good for this nation as a whole to get elected, only wishing those who are willing to serve the few instead of the many getting a nod stands as a main cause.  My thought is that there was more of a relationship between Mr. Schweich and Mr. Jackson, one that went far past boss and aide and this may have caused one to take his life making the other feel as if he had no other choice but to take his own.  Only God truly knows what’s in a man’s heart and mind, what we do is speculating.   


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