My Biblical Reason for Abolishing the Death Penalty

For quite some time now, I have been trying to convince people that we are much more than this man-made shell and that the reason to never fear death is life for us does not end with an earthly death.  We are and always will be a spirit and our true selves is and always will be our soul and since God is the only person who can kill the soul, anything that man does will only affect the shell which houses this soul that we call a body.  Until that day, that God determines what the results of our existence upon this earth shall be, we shall remain captured in our man-made bodies or in the cases of murder, killings and capital punishment, existing in spirit.  My desire to express my thought of getting rid of the death penalty is clearly defined within the below mentioned article simply because when we commit this act we get rid of the body which houses that soul and if that soul is dark, angry and evil, our actions does not provides the protection of society that we claim.  Our actions release that spirit to roam this land until that day when God calls and makes his decision.  Since we know not of when that will be, is it smart to unleash such evil as displayed in this article upon this earth?

The article I am speaking about is titled “Woman sent to jail for the rest of her life after raping her four grandchildren is described as the 'most evil person' the judge has ever seen” written by James Gordon for Daily  In it he reports “an Ohio grandmother will spend the rest of her life in jail after being found guilty of the rape of her own grandchildren.  Edwina Louis, 53, will spend the rest of her life behind bars after she was sentenced to four consecutive life terms without parole.  The judge in the case, William T. Marshall, said in all his 19 years’ experience on the bench, he had never seen anyone more evil.  The jury also had no doubt of her guilt, convicting after less than six hours of deliberation.  A jury spent less than six hours deliberating whether Edwina Louis raped, tortured and abused her four grandchildren who were all under-12. The three girls and one boy spoke of how they were staved and beaten.  “This woman, who never shed a tear or showed even an ounce of remorse, will never get out of prison,' Scioto County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Pat Apel said. ‘That’s the right thing.'  “Edwin Louis, and the children's biological mother, Bobbi Sue Pack along with her boyfriend Juan Sanchez, were all arrested.  Pack and Sanchez have faced the same charges and have now been sentenced to 10 years to life and 25 years to life, respectively.  Time and again, Children Services of Scioto County failed to follow up the calls and make the necessary checks.”

I am sure that we can agree to commit such atrocities upon children one has got to be much more than just mad, they have got to be angry, selfish and downright evil.  That being the case can we safely say that had it been an option to give them the death penalty and it had been exercised, would this earth be any safer with those spirits roaming it free and clear because they no longer had a body to contain it?  At least while they are contained in the body, they are easier to spot and one can only hope that prior to their bodies finally giving out and their spirit is released, somewhere along the way, they find their way to God again and this time to stay.  Our total focus right now regarding this story, should be nothing more than the children and all children like them, making sure that their souls do not follow the example left by those whom they trusted the most.


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