Why some very smart People are acting so very dumb when it comes to Benjamin Netanyahu and War with Iran

As a retired U.S. Marine who served from 1981 till 1991, I am amazed at how often those with thoughts of revisiting the Christian Crusades occupy our control centers when it comes to saber rattling, fear mongering and cowboy justice.  I am amazed because I wish to think that we have hired the best and the brightest to occupy the seats of government and therefore wonder how so many could be led by the nose by those who have little to no risk involved in the decisions that they push or make.

In an article titled “Netanyahu Warns Congress Iran Deal Guarantees Nuclear Arms” written by Jonathan Ferziger for Bloomberg News, Mr. Ferziger reports that “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, directly challenging President Barack Obama in a speech to U.S. lawmakers, said an emerging agreement with Iran would backfire and ensure the Islamic Republic gains a nuclear arsenal.  “That deal would not prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons -- it would all but guarantee that Iran gets those weapons, lots of them,” Netanyahu said Tuesday in Washington, speaking to a joint meeting of the U.S. House and Senate in an effort to head off an accord being negotiated between Iran and world powers. “It paves Iran’s path to the bomb.”  On this point was not this the same Benjamin Netanyahu who forecasted so eloquently the weapons of “mass death” possess by Iraq and Saddam Hussein?  He, like so many others, was wrong then but he has learned his lesson and has better intelligence now?  Really?  And how does his opinion over-rule that of our own president of the United States?  Has he been elected to lead us since he has done such a bang-up job as Israel Prime Minister and could someone please tell me when this election of Bib was held?

Another item quoted in this article that bears reflection is when Mr. Ferziger reported that “Netanyahu accepted an invitation from Republican House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio to address Congress without consulting Obama’s administration, adding to tensions with an ally that provides $3.1 billion a year in military aid to Israel”.  My concern here is if it is true that Bibi won’t allow inspectors into Israel to check on his nuclear systems but he demands that others follow this rule.  I also have to wonder why since getting all that money yearly, why his military is not the most feared in the region and he doesn’t just go ahead and attack Iran since America and our president is incompetent.  Could it be maybe because that money hasn't gone to the military in quite some time and has been used for other things?  Anyone ever think that the reason Bibi doesn’t want any inspectors in to see his nuclear program it may not exist or is in such disarray that we would then have to follow the money to see where all that we have been sending has gone.  Benjamin Netanyahu, just like people in our own country, have been disappointed that this president has not done everything as they have wanted and has been attempting to undermine him at every stage of the game.  Could this also be why Valdemar Putin has found his courage to flex his muscle in defiance of the U.S., encouraged to do by the mouth of America’s closest ally. 

I think that so many very smart people are acting so very dumb because simply they have nothing to lose.  They will not be risking their sons or daughters in a war with Iran, they will not be risking their reputation in pushing another war because they haven’t been made to pay for the last blunder and they will especially not be risking their own lives because they will be safely bedded down in America.  I do not hear them raising as much fuss about a jobs bill or bills to help those who just came home from war, nor do I hear much fuss about those who have served and need America’s help in the past as much as they are pushing another possible war.  Make no mistake, America cannot and will not allow Iran to have nuclear weapons and if we try nothing else except what those with no risks are pushing, we will have to send my fellow armed forces members to die in order to prevent that from happening. 

Another small question for you, of all of the military personnel who died, were injured and is still suffering from the last war they pushed, how many were Israeli compared to Americans and aren't the citizens of Israel as tired of fighting as we are?


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