True Evil can take any form even the form of a U. S. Soldier

Media assumed that by labeling their story “Soldier kills 14-year-old girlfriend’s mother after she tried to break them up in Pennsylvania” that this would draw more page views instead of calling it what it really is.  The story should have been simply evil man kills his underage girlfriend’s mother and buries her with the girlfriend’s help because evil can take any form and in this case it took the form of a U.S. soldier.

The article was written by Rachelle Blinder for the New York Daily News and it reports “a 20-year-old soldier is charged with murdering the mother of his 14-year-old girlfriend and burying her in southeast Pennsylvania with the girl's help after the mom tried to put a stop to the illicit relationship, authorities said.  Caleb Barnes allegedly stabbed Cheryl Silvonek, 54, in her car in front of her Upper Macungie house after an argument early Sunday, according to the Allentown Morning Call.  Once Silvonek was dead, Barnes and the girl reportedly hopped in another car and drove to Walmart, where they bought alcohol, bleach and other cleaning supplies, Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin said.  They returned to the girl's house and got back in the mother's bloody car, Martin said. They drove Silvonek's body to a nearby wooded area and buried her, he said. David Silvonek said he did not know of his daughter's relationship or that Barnes was in the house.  Barnes joined the military in February 2012. He was on weekend leave from Fort Meade in Maryland, where he works as a specialist, when the murder occurred.  He and the girl started dating in October after meeting at a concert.”

So many will be asking the normal questions of why a 14 year old was allowed to go to a concert, how could the dad not know especially if the time line is correct and this took place between midnight and 2:30 am and especially what the military will do?  All these are good questions but I think after reading this article many will come away with a few more questions which bears no merit to the discussion.  The number one question will be how the military could allow such a person to even enlist.  Of all the unimportant questions this one will take the cake.  It is unimportant because evil does not present itself during induction nor will evil ever present itself when it is casing its victim.  Evil is far too sophisticated than that and because of this sophistication; it will fool even the best and brightest.

Evil presents when all the plans and preparation has come together and everything is aligned to accomplish its goal.  Evil will and often does take all forms and to think that evil only exist in certain races, sexes, backgrounds and people is why evil goes unchecked today.


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