Could the 2 Police Officers shot during Ferguson Missouri Protests be the Work of Residents, Insurgents or Instigators?

This story raised my conspiracy hackles when I read it, considering the recent resignations, firings and removals of key personnel after the release of the DOJ investigation.  It truly appears strange that no officer were shot, no lethal force was ever visited upon officers in this manner until the resignation of Ferguson’s Police Chief Tom Jackson.  The article is titled “2 Police Officers Shot During Ferguson, Missouri, Protests” posted by ABC News via Good Morning America.  In it we learn “Two police officers were shot during overnight protests in Ferguson, Missouri, the St. Louis County Police Department said.  A St. Louis County officer, 41, was struck in the shoulder; while a Webster Groves police officer, 32, was struck in the face, said county police Chief John Belmar, who spoke to media members outside of Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis.  “These police officers were standing there, and they were shot just because they were police officers,” Belmar said.  The officers are listed in serious condition, police said.  “We have seen in law enforcement that this is a very, very, very dangerous environment for the officers to work in regarding the amount of gunfire that we have experienced up there,” Belmar said.”  Funny as to us not hearing much about the “amount of gunfire experienced by police in Ferguson until this reporting here.  I find all this quite curious.

Contrary to what many may believe, life travels in patterns which are only altered with actions which may be different than the originals whether slight or not.  Since the shooting of Michael Brown, there have not been many, if any, reports of citizens firing upon officers and especially police officers not of Ferguson Missouri.  The damages, which may have been provoked by some residents, were mostly perpetrated by insurgents, outsiders and instigators who traveled there just to cause problems.  This has been the pattern but this story breaks that pattern and creates a whole new set of circumstances for the residents and citizens of Ferguson and the entire St Louis County.  I can’t see this being done by a resident because they would then make life for them and their neighbors much harder to get back to normal but someone who may not live in that area will figure that they have nothing to lose and might even gain from the unrest remaining volatile.  Just a thought, I could be wrong.


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