LeBron James proves that going to college for Free is never free

America quickly forgets about those celebrities that actually does more for a community than they do on their chosen field of battle.  Hit several home runs and get the cover of a Wheaties box but donate your hard-earned cash for a worthy cause like actually helping those less fortunate and it is only useful to raise your image.  I still remain bothered by athletes and professionals who release a story only when their like numbers begin to fall and only seem to be photographed doing something good when their publicist determine that it will be good for their image.  Want to impress me, follow the example set by one of my most liked and respected favorite.  Read closely this article titled “LeBron James Will Pay For 1,100 Kids To Go To College” written by Lucy McCalmont, Sports Editor for The Huffington Post

In the article she reports that “for each child that completes his “I Promise” program, they’ll be awarded a scholarship to the University of Akron.  The deep ties LeBron James shares with his hometown of Akron, Ohio, aren’t news to anyone. It’s as much a part of the LeBron brand as the player’s moves on the court.  Well, King James is taking the love one step further, announcing that he will fund over 1,000 kids’ educations with a scholarship to the University of Akron, ESPN reported.  Through a partnership between the school and his LeBron James Family Foundation, the 1,100 children currently in his “I Promise” program will receive a fully sponsored scholarship.  “I think it’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever been a part of,” James said.  He continued, “This is very special to me. As a kid growing up in the inner city and as an African-American kid, you don’t really think past high school because it’s not possible or your family can’t support you.”  The announcement came at an “I Promise” event on Thursday. University of Akron president Scott Scarborough estimated that a four-year scholarship to the school is about $38,000. ESPN reported that the school will also rename its College of Education after James’ foundation.  With the program currently consisting of elementary and middle school students in the Akron public school system, the first class to be able to receive the scholarships will graduate high school in 2021, Ohio.com reported. Children enter the program in the third grade. With another 1,200 students expected to join “I Promise” over the next four years, the number of possible scholarships awarded could reach 2,300”.

Now all the negative people and naysayers will be quick to point out that giving inner-city kids a chance at a college education is a waste of good money and that LeBron is only doing this for image reasons.  I truly cannot say what is in his heart and they may have a point but for those who say a free college education is similar or equivalent to nothing more than welfare, let me attempt to educate you on a few things.  Just like Social Security is not welfare but money paid in by workers for their retirement especially since many of us do not have the funds to play the stock market like others is not welfare neither is this program.  Social Security was earned through work and in most cases harder work than many naysayers could ever do and this program will be as well.  The article says that “according to ESPN, students will need to complete the program and fulfill both attendance and grade requirements to be eligible”  which means that you will have to be much more than just black, much more than just live in the inner-city and much more than just being from Akron, Ohio.  To be eligible, you have got to work very hard to maintain your grades, keep up on your attendance and conduct yourself like a true human being, all the things we wish all children would strive to be and if anyone thinks that this is an easy task for a child growing up these days, you either don’t have any children, can’t remember when you were a child or just so full of yourself nothing will ever get through to you, you deicde.


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