Proof that ISIS or ISIL is nothing more than a bunch of Cowards

Maybe it’s just me but to hear people talk about ISIS or ISIL makes me wish to ask why they invest so much into a group of cowardly people who hide in the shadows and pick on people who they have a pretty good idea won’t fight back. I mean, the media makes ISIS or ISIL seem like an army of real soldiers and highly intelligent generals who can give any minimal trained army a real run for it’s money, while I personally see them simple as nothing more than cowards and bullies.

I say this not to disrespect anyone but to make a few points very clear to those seeking to categorizes ISIS or ISIL as a force to be feared.  “Surveillance footage, cab driver offer clues in investigation in Brussels attack” for CNN News by Catherine E. Shoichet, Frederik Pleitgen and Greg Botelho.  The article reports “a break in the investigation may have come from a taxi driver who took the suspects to the airport.  The driver contacted authorities after seeing surveillance footage and gave them the address where he picked the men up, according to two U.S. officials briefed on the investigation.  That information prompted authorities to raid a residence after the attacks, the officials said.  Investigators found a nail bomb, chemical products and an ISIS flag during a house search in the northeast Brussels neighborhood of Schaerbeek, Belgium's federal prosecutor said in a statement.  In grainy images from surveillance footage, a man wearing light-colored clothes and a hat pushes a baggage cart through the airport.  It's one key piece of evidence authorities are looking at as they search for suspects after two explosions at the Brussels airport and another at a busy subway station in the Belgian capital Tuesday killed at least 30 people and wounded 230 others.  ISIS claimed responsibility for the coordinated attacks, but authorities said it's too soon to say for sure whether the terror group was behind the blasts.  So far, police have released photos of three men they say are suspects tied to the airport attack, standing side-by-side.  Two of the men, wearing black in surveillance images, are believed to be suicide bombers who died in the explosions in the airport's departure lounge.  But investigators believe the one in light-colored clothing planted a bomb at the airport, then left. Authorities called him a wanted man and asked for the public's help tracking him down.  "The third man left a bomb in the airport, but it didn't explode. ... And we are now looking for this guy," Belgium's Interior Minister Jan Jambon said”.

The recent attacks have occurred in France and Belgium and what does these places have in common besides a high population of Muslims, they are societies of freedom to come and go as you please without many if any security measures to make committing these cowardly acts a little bit more difficult.  They are the low hanging fruits and who else picks these fruits but those too weak to stand and reach higher.  The bullies who search for the weakest person on the playground to stake his/her claim of dominance over them.  The coward who strikes when your back is turned or your attention is elsewhere only to later on poke out their chest and proclaim that they were brave.  In the beginning ISIS or ISIL claimed that they wanted to face American troops on the battlefield and they could not even get past the American-trained opposition groups on the battlefield.  Now they are scattered all over the place and hiding in holes, using money or the desire of riches to con others into doing the work this so called force was supposed to be so well equipped to do.  They supposedly called for American troops because they wanted to fight the best and these cowards couldn’t even get through the rest.

If one wishes great respect to befall them, I think there is only one option to achieve this and that is to stop hiding under mother’s skirt and step out to fight.  Stand face to face, man to man, eyeball to eyeball and defend your space.  Do not seek the weak to show your strength but engage the strongest to show your power, otherwise you are nothing more than a thug, a criminal and a coward and it is time we began to treat them as such and stop making them sound so foreboding and scary unless or course this is your purpose and building them into this benefits you.  There is a reason that we have the greatest and most powerful military in the world, proven time after time and has grown even stronger year after year and a bunch of neighborhood bullies will never change that. 


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