While Trump is buying people Cruz is buying votes Kasich only logical choice

For some this may be an exciting time for voters in the Republican party and a snapshot of how dysfunctional America’s government is but for others it is more about getting famous or found than it is about the one most important thing left to us.  The vision of a nation, the direction of a country, the development of a society and the legacy of its entire people.  Many marginal members of the GOP have expressed their choice and their voice about who they wish to lead this nation and even though the choices are slim there is still one who may be able to restore some sense of balance. That person is Ohio Governor John Kasich, consider the options. Now it is not often that I find myself agreeing with the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal but I have to admit some of the information that they printed in the article titled “John Kasich the GOP's best hope, can win and govern” does make sense.

The article points out that “after terrorists murdered 35 people in Brussels last week, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz competed to see who could fashion an American police state response more quickly. Trump demanded that the United States close its borders to Muslims and torture Muslim captives. Cruz suggested foreboding that police patrols were needed to "secure Muslim neighborhoods."  And Ohio Gov. John Kasich? "One guy says we should patrol Muslim neighborhoods and the other says we should withdraw from NATO and have a religious test on who comes into the country? Do you think we're going to fix this problem with these approaches?" he asked during a meeting Tuesday with Journal Sentinel reporters and editors. "If you want to find out about the radicals inside of the Muslim community, you frankly have to ask a Muslim.  "We have to have communication between the civilized world — all of us together against these murderers. And that takes U.S. leadership."  Kasich had a smart, pragmatic answer. He is, in fact, the only thoughtful candidate with a fundamental belief in long-standing democratic principles who remains standing in the GOP primary field. The Editorial Board normally avoids recommendations for political office. But the Republican presidential campaign this year demands a stand: We recommend John Kasich in the Wisconsin Republican primary on April 5”.

Now let’s not get it twisted, by no means do I claim the mantle of being a member of the Republican Party nor do I claim being a sheep of the Democratic Party as well.  What I do claim is being a loyal and life-long member of the American Party that looks at all candidates and bank on which one may be best for the office that they seek regardless of party affiliation.  I’d like to think that since no one has all the answers it will take a joint effort from every single solitary individual of this country to come together and define our role, direction and legacy.  One of the driving forces behind claiming that Kasich is the best choice is looking at the actions and inactions of those running against him.  Here we have Donald Trump, a man who could not be more arrogant, ignorant and self-absorbed if he had truly invented himself.  His idea of power is doing whatever he wants when he wants and not having anyone with the balls or backbone willing to contradict him.  His idea is to buy all those that he can and those that he cannot minimize so severely that they cower in fear of his very name.  Donald Trump is a wanna-be God in the eyes of men and for those who can’t see this now, let’s not give them a chance to regret their winning candidate later when he is in the White House making an entire nation look foolish, childish, selfish and like fools.  Now comes Ted Cruz, whose only claim to fame is standing up in the Congress shutting down the government while reading green eggs and ham and reciting phrases from Star Wars.  Make no mistake people those who you surround yourself with while you campaign are the very same type of people who you will embraces after winning and if they are so far behind the times now, look not for the situation to get better once in the office that they seek.

Right now Donald Trump is making money promises to people to get them to come over to his side and that is in essence buying their vote and support.  If they are willing to sell their soul to a man who really they already know do not wish to be president then what will they sell when they occupy that office promised if he wins.  Think you have corruption now at the highest level, you have not seen corruption until countries with very deep pockets latch on to those already fine with selling their own souls the=at the soul of a nation will be merely an afterthought.  Ted Cruz is no better because right now he has operatives working within the GOP convention to convince delegates to vote for him and you can bet they are offering more to those delegates than just a firm handshake.   


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