Why thinking that we can erase the World’s problems is a myth

John F. Kennedy is quoted as once saying “these are man-made problems and can be solved by man” which on its face is true but in reality are about as false those long eye lashes for some women and that toupee for some men.  It’s not false because John F. Kennedy was wrong; it is false because we sincerely miss that one ingredient that is necessary to solve the problems.  That ingredient, my people is called wholesale desire.

I say that because it is true number one and we all know it number two.  We see it played out all the time right before our eyes and still we don’t get a clue.  We see some cities fixing their budget problems and making their cities safer for the residents and citizens yet so many more cities are rampant with crime and budget problems beget other problems regardless of those we elect and send to government offices to fix them.  You see that in one group battling a cause and making great progress but the problem still exist because we miss the clue or ignore it all together.

Bottom line, many of us do not wish to fix the problem and survives quite well pretending that we do and pretending that we are working toward it.  World hunger exists not because those who are hungry wish to be hungry but technology has advanced to the point where any piece of land could be turned into a market place for those who do not have food but instead of making this happen we stand behind a hungry and sad face of a child begging for money only to put that money to work for organizational costs or personal gain.  Many people will tell you in private, that without these causes that make us look like we care, they would not have job security.  Individually we may have the desire to fix a problem but alone we also know it is a tough row to hoe.  If our desire to rid this world of any of the problems we created, it will take a joint effort from all of us and not just a few.

Many think that they had nothing to do with creating this issue so it is not theirs to fix but that is a lie.  Every single human being regardless of religion, color, or sex had a hand in these issues whether we actually started the ball rolling or refuse to stop that ball rolling as it passed by us.  Many make billions of dollars on pretending to try and solve these problems and many more enjoy sitting in the filth if it means an excuse for not taking responsibility for anything. 

Let us recognize these demons for what they are because any demon can be defeated but before they can, you have to recognize them.  Let’s stop pretending that the world issues are too big to conquer and cannot be solved and let us stop pretending that one group can solve any issue on their own.  Let us admit that without collective participation, the world problems will never go away.  That’s recognizing the demons, and then let us beat them back by simply doing what little you can as an individual, setting the example for others who you can’t see but clearly see you.  Don’t look at the horizon as a measurement of your success or failure at fixing these issues but look to your efforts at the end of every day.  This is the true measurement of success.


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