Supporting Trump, Retirement of Campaign Debt or Favor Owed

I have been racking my brain trying to figure out why someone would truly support Donald J. Trump and besides the fact that they are his family or worked for him before he declared himself a candidate, I kept drawing a blank.  I thought that many who say they stand with Trump wasn’t doing so because they actually believed in the things that were coming out of his mouth but the frankness and courage it took to say them out loud.  If this is the only reason to support a candidate for president and place him in front of others world leaders as the best that we could do then maybe we need to re-define this entire thing of choosing a president.

It wasn’t too difficult for me to surmise that the reason for some coming to his aide is because while having his show Celebrity Apprentice, he brought back some names of people many may have forgotten and if we look at closely at those speaking for him at one point of another, we may find that many was those he hired to play on the show but later may have fired because of the test they failed to impress him on.  It’s pretty easy to see why Sarah Palin is back out there because the books may not be selling as well as they did, the new shows she was supposed to be starring in wasn’t picked up by a network or the speaking engagements that was once flowing like the river Nile has dried up.  It’s easy to understand those radical Republicans who are really not Republicans but people who had always wanted and search a reason to spread hate and discontent.  A group of select 10 percent of the population that is so discouraged by the way their lives are going and so angry at a world that they believe owes them a better life than they are willing to put forth the effort in making for themselves, that it is a God-sent that Trump is on the stage.  It was easy to understand why Donald Trump is out there and especially when it was revealed that he is marketing the fights at his rallies as a way to get more people to come.  He said it is exciting and when is it okay for someone vying for the highest office in the land, the toughest and most exposed job ever and the face of the richest nation on this planet, when is it okay to rejoice in the suffering, pain, injury and soon death of another person?  Actors and Actresses all over the world dream of a starring role where they perform on the biggest stage there is and in front of the largest audience ever, Donald J. Trump is living that dream as the media and all of us fall all over him and feed the fire of an ego long since outgrown that which is thought to contain it.

The difficult part was figuring out why those who ran against him, those who tried to convince voters at one time that he was the best candidate for the job, and those who once exchanged unkind words with Trump would now suddenly stand by his side and change horses midstream.  The only thing that occurs to me is Trump or someone high within his camp, has offered to help them retire their campaign debt.  One has to wonder just how much a person’s soul is worth and I guess in this case, their souls are worth getting rid of campaign debt so that the remaining balance if any is left can be used legally for other things.  


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