Why Donald Trump has been so successful

It all started January 19, 2008 after Barack Obama won his first term as President of the United States.  The stars had already aligned for many who just could not believe that a man, unlike any of those that have gone before him was actually voted into an office many felt very name denies them entry.  Those who just could not believe were told to believe and as sheep to the slaughter, they followed their masters without questions.  Today they still follow their masters without questions except now it has culminated into one form, one being, one chance and that chance is Donald J. Trump.

People say that Donald J. Trump is a brilliant businessman but I don’t agree with it.  I do say that Donald J. Trump is an outstanding opportunist however because he saw a very clear and wide berth opening up toward the Republican nomination for President and when he finally decided to take the plunge, he dove in head first and now refuses to admit that there he now stands among those seriously jagged rocks.  What makes him not a brilliant business man is the fact that a business man would have created this jagged stream in which to walk but it does show his ability to seize opportunity because while others thought to ignore that open and growing chasm, Mr. Trump marched proudly right into it.

On January 19, 2008 and spilling into the next day, a several groups prepared to open a silent revolution on the history of this nation electing its truly first African-American president and what started out as an increase in murmur and whispers broke out in to a full-fledged rally cry when Trump joined the circus.  The whispers began to grow louder when those groups noticed that they had an unexpected ally.  They realized that the entire elected Republican Party was their reinforcements.  They realized this when they first learned that the elected officials had put together a secret meeting where they had all decided as an elected body to deny this president anything he wanted.  This elected body had decided to ignore their oath of office and concentrate all powers to destroy this man even if it meant destroying the office and the country.  When these groups learned this, they were embolden and just knew that finally their day had come.  With the elected officials blatantly defying him, it cleared the way for these groups to openly defy him as well. The elected group and those who had been only whispering before were now joined and fed off each other as to where, when and how to attack this one man.  When it was pointed out to them that this was a monster of their own creation, they laughed it off and made references to the fact that they could control this wave of fresh and very dangerous hate.  They saw those unelected groups as rudderless and leaderless, easily influenced and easily controllable, what they did not see is the supreme opportunist in the mode of Donald Trump quietly sitting by the wayside, licking his chops and waiting his turn.

When the elected officials began to truly see the error of their ways, these groups began to try and split but the breakup didn’t go as planned by the elected officials and all hell broke loose.  As soon as there were plenty of room to get by Donald Trump took the reins and he has not let go since.  Those who have been spewing his kind of rhetoric was so very glad to see him and those who are too weak to separate and stand on their own two feet can’t leave him.  He has cemented his place in history as the one, the only, the man, their rudder and their leader.  They have pledged to be loyal and will follow him anywhere even if it’s directly to and through the gates of hell.  These patriots, these Christians, these law-abiding and righteous people are willing to sacrifice the very beliefs that they swore by before Donald to follow Donald.  That kind of loyalty only someone like Trump can buy and something that not even the Koch Brothers could obtain.  The Bible tells us that in order to defeat evil; we must first recognize evil because only through recognition does evil loses its power.  Before the open revolt of that elected group, evil was minimized but since evil took solace in the elected group’s actions and gained courage by their undying willingness to sacrifice country now under the leadership of Donald J. Trump, they thrive and rise again.

For those who see all this as nothing but pure evil at its worse, take heed.  You have just taken the first step to ending evil and now the next steps are going to be much easier because once evil is recognize, it cannot survive in the light and must have darkness to survive.  If those who see this as nothing but evil, continue to dispel the darkness from with us individually, evil will not have a hiding place from which to launch its operation except maybe for the few who will remain loyal allowing evil to grow and disloyal to the God we know.  Thank you one and all elected officials, you wanted a revolution well now you have it, and too bad it is not against the one person you launched it at. 


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