Religious leaders could learn a lot for some Military Leaders

Regardless of industry many leadership positions carry with them the exact same ethics and while much of each is identical none probably more so than the correlation between religious leaders and military leaders. 

It appears this way to me because in any employment, a worker feels free to choose whether he or she wishes to follow the directions of an employer and there is only one stipulation which is to search for a new job or not.  In the military you are obligated to follow the orders and standards set by your particular leaders and in most cases feel compelled to do so because of the risk you take when you don’t.  Many in the military believe that if they dismiss orders received from their leaders it could go quite far in disrupting and destroying their chosen careers and cause them to receive a dishonorable discharge in most cases.  For religion, the fear is violating what your leaders are saying is the true word of God and thereby condemning your very soul to hell.  Each feels like a terrible price to pay for insubordination.  Therefore the task of those within leadership is to insure that not only are you speaking truth but you are also setting that perfect example for those who follow your every word to see and hopefully emulate.

Religious leaders stand in front of millions of people each day and declare that they are the chosen ones who can understand and explain the word of God and because of their titles people should heed what they say.  While this may not seem that difficult, it is made more difficult when the words that emit from the mouths of these leaders are contrary to the example that they are setting.  You cannot make your child eat their vegetables if you are not willing to eat yours.

Some military leaders have learned this and have forged that into their individual daily lives which means even if the urge to stray from the responsibility of leading by example is huge, they still find a way to exercise that demon each and every day.  When they do this, those who are watching, see that they are more than just a mouthpiece, they are truly courageous.  Those watching, then are faced with a choice, stand strong like the example set by their leader or don’t but if they do, the reward they see happening for that leader that exercised that demon will not be theirs to enjoy.  Another example which may make things a little bit clearer for you is an athletic team adopting the leadership and style of their coaches.  A stand out coach often times produce stand out players who not only take pride in their job but work harder at getter better and hopefully eventually becoming a stand out coach themselves.

You want people to follow a particular path, and then you have to walk that path yourself and know that each time you stray, expect those who follow to stray as well.  If you want people to follow you but stay on the path then you must do the same and do it first.  In other words you must lead.


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