Illinois just got $89 million dollars richer now watch what happens

My wife sent me this article titled “US grants Illinois $89 million to fight homelessness” written by The Associated Press and posted today, Mar 09, 2016 on  The article reports that “nearly $89 million in federal money has been awarded to Illinois to battle homelessness.  The Department of Housing and Urban Development announced Tuesday the money will support more than 360 programs to provide housing and service programs to homeless people.  Officials say the grants under the "Continuum of Care" program are the most competitive to date. To compete, communities had to decide, for example, to shift money from existing programs to create new ones to have a longer-lasting effect.  The government estimates there were 565,000 people who were homeless on a given night in 2015. They say that's down 72,000 -- or 11 percent -- from 2010.  They add that homelessness among veterans has declined 36 percent”.

For some this may sound like great news and if Christian-minded people really did handle the purse strings, it would be but we know this is not the case.  That in authority has been serving evil for so long that they actually think this grant is theirs to control and horde and they will.  Look for small instances of budget gaps being suddenly filled and a so-called broke state all of a sudden having money to not fix roads, bridges or provide jobs and definitely not to strip abandoned buildings turning them into housing for the homeless.  Look for more non-profits to show up with their hands out and if they know special people gather up these millions only to end up being in the same situation that they are now.  This is not hyperbole, this is fact and if all who reside in the State of Illinois was to pay very close attention, they too would arrive at this junction.

The government says that homelessness is down 11 percent from 2010 but is it because many found homes, did they just die off or did those given the task to report these numbers modify them to suit the cause?  How many of you would be surprised to find that the decline in veteran homelessness is due to veterans ceasing to say that they are homeless instead of admitting to it?  These are the people that we sent to Springfield and if we refuse to take full responsibility for sending and keeping them there then we stand just as guilty as those who misdirect funds to fill budget gaps and believe it or not people, when it is our time to answer for this, we shall.  Follow the money and as it disappears and the homeless numbers drop on paper instead of reality, take a peek in the mirror and make sure that image staring back at you is the first one that you blame.


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