GOP looking for a way to stop Trump don’t its happening the way it should

People often wonder why someone would run for president and often times they say it takes a pretty large helping of arrogance to think that you could be the leader of the free world but I think that it is more than that.  I think it is simply a way for history to either repeat itself or get rewritten.  Repeat itself, when we refuse to learn from the past and get rewritten when we choose to not only learn from the past but change it.  Yes, I think the spirit of a person compels them to run or put themselves out there for public consumption so that we have a chance to demonstrate whether we want a different outcome or not.  I believe that it’s the spirit of a person which pushes them to seek public office and not simply an emotion of arrogance, desire or even duty.  I believe that this man-made body is more controlled by the spirit that dwells within it than many of us know.  The actions we take, the decisions we make and the satisfaction we seek are all preordained by the spirit that inhabits the body and the idea that we are guided by environment, habits, circumstances and chances are all a ruse to hide the ultimate controller which is the very soul of anything and everything ever created.  This is why, we remain in complete control of our destiny and we can choose whether we live right, do right and treat others as we would like to be treated or not.  This is why, the control one thinks he has over another is only viable because the other allow them that control and if you give that control away, you can surely take it back just as easy.  This leads me to asking the GOP and all Americans to calm down a little and take a step back to view what is happening right now with Donald Trump.  You worry that he will move on and gain a position that may prove harmful to you but if you just sit back a little longer, hold your tongue a little longer and breath the fresh air of what is actually happening, you will be amazed at the plight, Donald Trump and all those working in his name are about to deal to themselves.

Court documents say that the most valuable thing Donald Trump possess is his name but consider how he will be viewed after all this is said and done by those who would earlier do whatever to be associated with the name.  After all this, the name will be a joke and no one with any material dealings will wish to be associated with his most prized possession.  Business will eventually dry up for him and all those around him and when he does not win, the only thing left for him will be going back to those very same people who are now struggling to survive and attempt to make a living off them.  I ask all Americans, white, black, Latino, Asian, Muslim, Catholic, Jewish, Native American and all to stop trying to do things to trip him up.  No one could ever bring down the house around him like God Almighty can so leave his eventual downfall to God and just step back, calm down and grab some popcorn.

The same will happen with those who are depicted in this Facebook entry about a “young peaceful Black woman, reportedly a teenager, is shoved and pushed and repeatedly assaulted by grown white men at a Donald J. Trump rally. Police looked on as this happened. White women, like they did with Little Rock 9 and others, screamed in her face with hate in their eyes. Men cussed her out and yelled right in her face as they pushed her to and fro and repeatedly put their hands on her”.  You say all this is bad, but people this is what needs to happen.  The spirit that moves that young black girl was placed in that position to show you that evil exists within us all and only by casting out the demon from within ourselves will there ever be true peace on earth.  The spirit that moves this young lady was compelled to have her be pushed, cursed at and screamed at, so that those who see this will know that hatred is alive and well.  Many of us hide our heads in the sand and pray that since we don’t see it, it must not exist.  We spend hours upon countless hours trying to convince ourselves that it doesn’t because it doesn’t happen to us but the truth is there for all to see and sometimes it takes actions like this before we realize that what we hoped was gone was still right here.  The spirit of those who tormented this girl was compelled to do so even while cameras were running and because those who controlled those spirits choose not to exercise that control, the spirit was allowed to use the body to perform these cowardly acts.  Calm down because God watches everything we do and knows everything we say.  A tally of all we do while occupying this man-made body is being made and soon, each of us individually will have to answer to the most important judge.  Understand, man may be able to end your existence in the flesh but man will never have the means to end your total existence because you are and always be a spirit and only God has the power to end that.  For those who were present but refused to activate and provide that child some protection, their spirits were given a choice to help or ignore and because they choose to not control that spirit, it was allowed to do make the choice itself.  To say we are not all connected would ignore the constant drumming found within the words written in our Bibles.  God is our father and the only one who deserves that title father so we are all connected.  The Bible tells us that the true church of God can be found within each and every person so no need for constructing any particular building and if we are honest with ourselves, the only thing that exists within all of us is our spirit so it must be the true church of God.  Are you honoring your true church of God by performing those deeds that you are convince he will be happy with when it is your turn to step up to the judgment table or are you still under the impression that you can do all the evil you want and a few seconds before you take your last breathe in the flesh, ask him for forgiveness and it all is washed away?

Contrary to popular belief, some people believe this and feel that it is okay to treat others like possessions, trash or disdain because all they have to remember is just before they take their last breath, ask God for forgiveness and it is all washed away but I’ve got news for you.  If you humbly ask forgiveness then forgiveness shall be yours but if it is only part of your plan then hang it in the wall locker.  You cannot nor will not get away with planning to abuse, misuse, hate and harm people for all the years you exist on this earth in the flesh only to wait until a few seconds before your earthly death to ask forgiveness, thinking all will be forgiven, if you think so then evil has you fooled and your soul/spirit will belong to him.  If that is your intention, then please continue on the path you have chosen for yourself, but if it’s not then pump your brakes and change your direction.  The spirt may control the body but you control the spirit so either you decide which way the spirit goes as well as which way your life takes or you turn that power over to the spirit and deal with the consequences.

I would like to close this article using a Native American Prayer that I think is perfect. The prayer goes something like this “OH Great Spirit that made all races.  Look kindly at the whole human family and take away the arrogance and hatred which separates us from our brothers”.  We are connected in spirit and nothing we say or do will ever change this because it is not of our choosing but the choice made for us by our Heavenly Father.  So ignore your brothers and sisters, stay true to the man-made portion of your existence and look only to please those who will not save you in the end but let’s all do so knowing that we have another choice.  Do so knowing that the only true limitations upon you are those you place upon yourself and know that because of the power and authority God has granted each and every one of us with, defeat is only possible with your permission.


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