Understanding Life

To understand life, one has to first define his/her definition of what life is to them, then measure their individuals lives by that definition.  The problems occur when your definition of life is not met by others and in many cases then never met by you.  Life is basically fifty (50) percent mental and fifty (50) percent emotional meaning that half the time we may be forced to mentally propel ourselves through a situation or circumstance with the other half spent on dealing with situations or circumstances based on nothing but pure feelings.

We know that the true meaning of life is nothing more than perception.  If you believe that a particular group of people are lazy, shiftless, arrogant or privileged then you will more than likely proceed through your life dealing with any situation of circumstance based on that belief.  Those whom you meet will first be required by you to overcome your pre-conceived perception before ever getting an opportunity to prove you wrong.  Only those who can achieve getting past your first barricade will then earn a spot in your “other than” category while many of those of that same race or group of people remain in the “less-than” arena.  Your perception of these peoples or groups will shape how you interact with them and based upon that percentage of emotion determines whether or not they will ever be elevated.  You feel that they are lazy and there is very little, if anything, that they can do to sway that belief so no matter what they do or how they do it, you will maintain your belief of laziness and apply a rational based on that belief to anything you may hear good about that person or group. 

We know that the strongest muscle in the man-made body is not the heart but the mind and any situation or circumstance can be defeated by how strongly we use this muscle.  We know that the mind’s only purpose is to protect this man-made body which easily explains why we block certain things out and those things are only re-introduced to us as the mind see that the body can handle that shock or trauma.  Here is where the other fifty percent comes into play.  One can actually will their way to good health, better understanding and emotional happiness if they have the desire to do so without the assistance or interference from others.  Your body is raked with pain and you feel as if you are paralyzed and cannot move but if you calm your mind and focus on the pain as only an indication of a problem like the check engine light of a car, you may be able to overcome that pain and move as you wish.  Think of the medicine we take and if we pay close attention to the label many of them will say only for temporary relief.  Mentally after we take those pills or digest that liquid, we begin to feel better and the pain seems to have subsided but has it really or have we convinced ourselves that the medicine worked.  Many doctors back in the day and still today give our what was called sugar pills which has no medical properties what so ever but if the patients believes that they work, then they work.

These two pieces, mental and emotion are the primary character necessary to understanding life and when it comes to the mental portion of this only that particular individual has the power to control just how much and how often you use this God-given talent or power. The same could almost be said about the second portion which is emotion but here is where one needs to be very careful not to have their emotions hijacked by others because the way you feel about something today, new found knowledge could change you’re feeling about that very same thing tomorrow.  We often misplace emotions and use them in the time where mental should have been used and we often switch mental with emotion where emotions should go.  While no one will ever have the power or could steal your power when it comes to mental aspect of life, some have made it an art form to corrupt your emotional side of an issue and that we must truly guard against.  You make the daily decision what you will wear but sometimes you allow the opinion of others to dictate which outfits to buy.

For me, life goes far beyond the time we spend on this earth in human form.  We were made in the image of God and God is a spirit so the true you is a spirit and the body your spirit is housed in will never be able to contain that spirit so the body will fail.  Many believe that this marks the end of your existence but I do not.  When your body fails, this does not mean that your life ends.  As a matter of fact, your life continues except now where people and loved ones were able to see, hear, touch and feel you, they can only hear and feel you.  If it is our perception that life ends when our man made bodies fail, then we will go to the ends of the earth to keep this man made body functioning.  This defeats our main purpose for being here because now we are so emotionally focused on keep this man made body functioning, we neglect or forget to treat others as we wish to be treated and doing those things that truly make life worth living.


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